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The online gambling industry is growing by leaps and bounds daily. While online gambling offers entertainment and money winning opportunities to gamblers worldwide, there is also a downside to it. Many online gambling sites and casinos are scams.  In order to save yourself from entering into a fake casino website, it is important that you consider the following tips before deciding on one.

1. Country Availability

First of all, before entering an online casino, find out if it accepts players from your country. Not all online casinos allow players from around the world. This is because these countries have prohibited gambling practices or have strict laws. If an online casino does not accept players from your country, it will not allow you to gamble and place bets through its website.

Many times the casinos do not just ban players from countries to take part in gambling activities but they may also ban people from certain states/provinces within a country. This decision is solely dependent on the laws of that country, province, and state with regard to online gambling.

2. Check for the License

Once you find out that a casino has not placed any restrictions on your country players’, the next step is to check out whether or not it is licensed. A registered/licensed casino can be trusted since it is being regulated by an authority and might not indulge in fraudulent practices. Many online casinos like BoomtownBingo go as far as publishing their licensing certificates, names of the regulatory authority, and registration mark to win the players’ trust.

3. Background Check

Despite having a license, conduct thorough research about online casino’s practices. Find out about their payout policies, bonus policies, and types of games offered. Some of the most common fraudulent practices prevalent in fake online casinos include providing unlicensed games, not allowing the winners to withdraw more than 20% of the amount they actually won, marking players win as ‘error’, delays withdrawals for longer periods of time such as weeks or months and not allowing players to withdraw large amounts. Read reviews online and search as much as you can, so that you are able to distinguish fishy online casinos from authentic ones.

4. Deposit/Withdrawal Fees

Before you choose to place a bet on an online casino, it is important that you consider their deposit and withdrawal fees. If these fees are ridiculously high, then you might want to reconsider your decision of placing a bet on the website. Also, be mindful of the time taken by the casino to pay out the winning amount.

5. Presence on Mobile Platform

Since this generation uses a mobile platform mostly for almost everything, from random surfing to placing a food order, etc, it is a good idea to check if the online casino has a mobile app. If it does not have a mobile app, then at least its website should be mobile-friendly.

6. User-friendly and Attractive Layout/Graphics

Good online casinos maintain their websites regularly, from its graphics to layout, user-friendly instructions to attractive colors. If an online casino has no proper website then cut it off your good casinos’ list. Why? Simply because in this age of digitalization, if a website is claiming to be a safe place for people to put their money in but is not maintain itself enough or taking steps to gain users’ trust, then something is not right probably.

7. Language Availability

Another important tip is that check if the casino has an option of being translated into your language. If it does not have any such option or if its representatives cannot communicate your language of ease, it might become difficult for you to convey your message across the platform. This will serve as a communication barrier.

8. Safe Tractions and Payment Options

The best casino for you should be the one that allows you to make payments in easily available payment options. These may include payment portals like PayPal, Visa, Master card, or depositing money via bank transfers. Moreover, it is also important that the online casino ensures the safety of a  transaction and sees that the players’ personal information is well guarded.

9. Bonus Offered

Check for the site-wide bonuses offered by the casino. If the casino offers introductory any other sort of welcome, no deposit, or cashback bonuses, you must access them and use them to your full advantage.

However, if the website does not offer good bonuses, in fact, it charges you more for depositing and withdrawing any amount, then back off. This one is not meant for you. Visit GCB for the best casino bonuses.

10. Range of Games Offered

The online casino you should be willing to place a bet on should have all the games you love to play. If it does not offer any such game and you are not familiar with any of the games it offers, then you might not want to register with this site.


The best online casinos, like Topslots, practice all the above-mentioned practices and refrain from committing acts that damage their reputation. In the world of online business and gambling, reputation serves as the backbone. Therefore, if you come across any casino which does not keep track of any highlighted practices then move on to the ones which do.  To start a safe and fun gaming experience, visit Topslots.

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