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It is annoying to have dry skin. We have listed a number of tips for you. Use these tips, so you never suffer from dry skin again. Read on and discover the tips.

Take an ice bath

Do you often suffer from dry skin? Then there is a chance that you often step under a shower that is too hot. The advice is to take a cold shower from now on; this dries out your skin less. A hot shower washes away your fat cells, which make your skin look greasy and soft. Many smear creams throughout the day to prevent dry skin. Instead of creams, you can also use a cold ice bath.


First, gloves are important in the cold. Due to the cold weather, you are more likely to have dry hands and chapped areas. Wearing gloves will prevent the dry patches and give you warmer hands. In addition, gloves are also recommended when using chemicals. Various chemicals can cause irritation and burns on the skin.

Drink enough water

You probably hear it passed around, but drink plenty of water. Water is essential for your entire body and therefore also for your skin. If you have symptoms of dry skin, your body needs moisture to repair the skin. Many products retain moisture in your body, but it is then of course important to provide your body with sufficient moisture. The advice is to drink at least two liters of water during the day.


A fish is an oily meal to eat and stimulates sebum production in your body. The sebum makes for oily skin, which will reduce dryness. Do you not like fish dishes? Then you can always opt for a substitute. There are many products with fish oils with the same active substances. In addition, avocados, walnuts, and linseed oil are also good products against dry skin.

Air humidity

Make sure you have the right humidity in the house. By having the right moisture balance in the home, you also provide the right moisture balance for your skin. The ideal humidity level is between 40 and 60 percent. If the humidity is too low, you will suffer from dry eyes and dry skin. By opening the windows or buying a humidifier, you increase the humidity in the house.

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