Have you ever wondered what rich people do to entertain themselves? While those of us who earn an average income would sometimes eat somewhere fancy as a little treat, the wealthy live in a whole different universe that we can’t relate to. From collecting exotic animals to traveling across the world, here are some of the activities that rich people do if they want to have fun and enjoy.

Here’s What Rich People Do for Fun


Golfing is perhaps one of the most common hobbies that rich people like to do, so much so that it has even become a stereotype in films and shows. Is golfing a hobby exclusive to the rich? Not necessarily—anyone can easily swing clubs in their backyard if they want. However, the difference when it comes to rich, avid golfers is that they choose to go to the best courses available, which, most often than not, cost a lot of money.

After all, high-class golf clubs require you to become an exclusive member if you want to be able to play in the course, and this doesn’t come cheap. For instance, the membership fee for joining the Trump National in Westchester costs around $30,000 to $50,000. If you want to join the Liberty National Golf Club in New Jersey, you’d have to fork over about $300,000.


This probably won’t come as a surprise, but rich people also enjoy going on cruises and sailing in yachts. After all, you don’t need to know how to maneuver this kind of vessel because most of the larger, more expensive boats will come with not only a crew but a captain as well.

But again, this is an activity that only the wealthy can experience and enjoy. According to TheRichest, renting a yacht could have you paying about $5,000 per day. Forbes adds that if you want to buy a yacht outright, a 170-foot one could cost up to $50 million. Sounds like a lot of money, right? Well, wait until you hear about luxury yachts, which are priced much more than that.

Collecting Rare and Exotic Pets

There are millionaires out there who aren’t content with just owning and taking care of a domestic cat or dog. No, some are very keen on collecting exotic animals that could cost a lot. For instance, purchasing a cheetah cub for collection purposes could cost somewhere between $15,000 and $25,000. On the other hand, other big cats could cost between $1,500 to $50,000, depending on what kind and if it’s an adult or cub.

Not to mention that setting up a facility to house these exotic animals could rake up to $94,000, plus the yearly care costing that you need to budget for.

High-Stakes Gambling

Of course, it doesn’t come as a surprise that rich people enjoy gambling, especially since they have a lot of extra money to blow. Specifically, they enjoy high stakes gambling such as playing poker, which is a game that many of the world’s richest individuals enjoy playing. As a matter of fact, some of these high-stakes poker games require you to fork over $1 million—and that’s for the buy-in only!

Traveling the World

Without a doubt, regular people are able to afford vacations and quick getaways to beautiful islands and cities. Some individuals would have to save up for it, of course, but that doesn’t make traveling an inaccessible hobby. That being said, not everyone has the funds to travel the world in style.

For rich people, they don’t need to save for months just to enjoy a short trip somewhere else. After all, they can afford first-class airplanes, accommodations, food, and more without breaking a sweat. To spice up the trip and make it even more enjoyable, some even bring VIP luxury companions with them for the ride.

Collecting Antiques

When something is considered as an antique, its value increases drastically. While it’s true that antique collecting isn’t necessarily an activity exclusive to rich people, especially since you can find precious treasures from garage sales and the like, rich people still have the money to blow on those super expensive pieces.

Imagine this: someone is selling a centuries-old Persian silk rug for $300,000. A regular rug collector would probably pass on this one, but if that collector is a wealthy one, they’d definitely be willing to purchase this item no matter the cost.

Similarly, rich people also enjoy collecting vintage cars, especially those ultra-rare ones. Of course, the price depends on the make and model of the vintage collectible.

Playing Polo

Polo is a sport that the royal family enjoys participating in during their free time. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise that other rich people would also enjoy this horseback ball game. If you want to play, you’d first need to own a horse, and buying a polo pony would cost you around $250,000. Then, you also have to become a club member to play with other members, and like golf club memberships, this doesn’t come cheap.

For instance, becoming a Detroit Polo Club member would cost you about $3,000 a year.


According to research conducted by a Business Insider contributor, skiing is considered to be a recreational activity that many rich people enjoy doing. Not only that, out of the 33% of the rich who enjoy skiing as a hobby, about 12% of those people own their very own vacation home near a ski resort.


It can’t be helped that wealthy families and individuals have their own universes that regular people can’t relate to. And while some of these hobbies can also be enjoyed by average people, the rich almost always take things up a notch, thanks to the fact that they have millions to blow.

That being said, these definitely sound like fun hobbies worth investing in. If you have the extra money to spare, would you also try out these activities? Owning your very own rare and exotic animal as your personal pet definitely sounds like an interesting concept!

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