It’s easy to find recommendations for the top motorcycle aftermarket parts on sale, but what about the best atv riding gear? Quad riders need comfort as well as protection with their equipment. During sweltering summer days, comfortable gearsets need to let in air to keep you cool. Breathable apparel also reduces the feeling of claustrophobia that armoring up can bring. Consider these characteristics and recommendations when you’re looking for breathability in your motorsports wear:


Unlike full-face street designs, off-road helmets are generally designed with breathability in mind. Unfortunately, between the need for a roost guard and chin-bar, there isn’t much in the way of open face ATV head protection. Still, some models are better than others. Look for lightweight materials and advanced ventilation systems.

The LS2 MX470 Subverter is the mesh glove of helmets. Even a cursory glance shows that it has a ton of intake and exhaust ports for exceptional air movement. Its lightweight, airy liner keeps you comfortable on the hottest rides.


Jackets can provide solid airflow, but jerseys are lighter and made for staying cool in competition. As such, they’re the better choice for maximum breathability.

The Klim Mojave jersey shows one of the first rules of finding for breathable gear: look for deserts and hot regions in the product name. Its full mesh chassis resists abrasion, wicks moisture, and lets oxygen get to your skin. The open cuffs and non-restrictive collar allow for better movement and additional airflow.


It’s tempting to wear shorts on a hot day but resist the lure of the short pants. Between kicked up debris and potential collisions, your shins are likely to take a beating. As with the jersey, mesh construction and non-restrictive cuffs keep you from overheating.

Fox has a whole gearset of Airline apparel created for hot-weather riding. The pants use laser perforation that is superior to punched holes. Reinforced stitching and a 600D saddle panel ensure these pants are still durable.


You don’t realize how hot your hands get until you take your gloves off. Hand protection keeps you from ripping up your palms, but its oppressive without perforation or lightweight materials.

As with the Fox Airline pants, Moose Racing ADV1 Air gloves demonstrate that anything with “air” in the name is probably breathable. Despite the D3O EN13594 Level 2 certified knuckle guard, the mesh upper moves the wind through your gloves. A breathable Clarino palm and fourchettes provide extra venting on your rides.


Studies have shown that the lower limbs are the most injured body part for bikers. ATV and UTV riders probably aren’t far behind despite the four-wheel design.

Boots such as the Sidi Apex protect your ankles and toes while still offering breathability. Their perforated uppers and adjustable air vents keep your feet from getting swamped with sweat on the trails.

The same equipment that’s outstanding for quads works well for any off-road vehicles. Ladies aren’t even stuck wearing gentlemen’s apparel with the top brands creating some of the best women’s utv riding gear. Shop protective clothing online for excellent deals on your favorite products.

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