The Bavarian capital, Munich is known for its famous beer culture across the globe. It is an important part of the tradition that brings people close. The indulgence in this diverse tradition is one of the greatest things to do in the Bavarian capital.

In Munich, beer is considered a ‘liquid,’ it is more regarded as a basic food. Individuals drink it all day, every day. Furthermore, you can see individuals indulging themselves with German feast alongside beer while soaking up in sun or a hall.

In the present years, hosts of beer manufacturers have launched themselves on the bar scene, giving competition to traditional six. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of beers, keeping in mind the demands of locals and visitors. In turn, when you sit down in Munich, you can pick any beer that satisfies your taste buds.

Below is a list of the absolute best halls and gardens for the Bavarian beer that you must visit if you love beer as much as the people of Munich. If you want to make your trip convenient, opting for a Munich beer tour is also a great idea!


Augustiner-Bräustuben, a large beer hall, and restaurant is one of the off-beaten places in the city that is worth the deviation. It includes Bavarian magic in high, amber ceilings. Additionally, it incorporates a warming interior, complemented with copper and dark wood.

However, the best feature of the hall is linked with its cheerful atmosphere, often bustled with loud conversations of the German people. Besides, it will be a lucky day if you come across traditional singing in the hall while drinking locally brewed Augustine.


The Löwenbräukeller is home to yet another locally prepared beer. It is a cherished beer hall, restaurant, and beer garden. However, it is famous for regular traditional music, dances, and events. The large building of the restaurant includes a roof and terraces. It gives a bright view of the lively garden nearby, often jam-packed in warmer months.

Trumpf Oder Kritisch

If you have just stepped into the city, visiting a traditional bar is a great way to kick your trip off. We suggest you visit Trumpf Oder Kritisch, located at the west of English Garten Park, also a must-visit place of the city. The bar gives off cozy vibes, a perfect place to relax after taking a stroll around. The bar includes simple benches in and out while giving off a vibe of happiness and celebration. Additionally, it serves the best beer in town. You can ask the skillful staff what will best match your beer preference to enjoy the ultimate ideal beer!

The beer garden at Viktualienmarkt

The beer garden is located at the center of Munich’s must-see, legendary gourmet market, Viktualienmarkt. The beer garden consists of wooden benches underneath rich leafy trees. Additionally, according to the Bavarian beer garden tradition, guests are allowed to unpack their snacks and enjoy them too.

english garden, munich, beer garden


This beer bar and restaurant is located in the park with the same name, occupied by locals and travelers in warmer months. Additionally, the park consists of 8000 seats, which makes it the largest beer garden in Bavaria.

Mainly, the bar offers a wide menu comprising of international and local treats. The beer is enjoyed in lush greenery gardens. Enjoy a cold beer and traditional treat in the lively atmosphere of the city.


HofbräuhausMünchen, the popular stop in the well-known beer hall is enriched in five centuries of history. However, in the present day, it includes a magnificent interior, arched ceiling, and a pastoral woody charm.

The bar offers classic Bavarian food, beer, and genuine energy, a must-try when you visit Munich.

Paulaner Brauhaus

Combined with the traditional German brewhouse atmosphere alongside Bavarian modernism, the beer garden restaurant is located in Kapuzinerplatz. The beer garden restaurant is set up with picnic-style chairs and tables, where you can enjoy the beer while soaking in the sun.

Additionally, the interior is finished with arched ceilings, windows, and colossal pillars. It has been popular since 1989 and yet remains the popular spot to date.

Bavarian capital Munich is the house of best beer and brewages. Therefore, as soon as you touchdown the city, get hold of the above-mentioned places, and enjoy a relaxing meal with your friends and family.

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