Over the past couple of decades, we have seen the world transformed by the introduction of the internet to the market and this has been global as virtually every industry has been transformed digitally because that is the way that the world is now evolving. One area of the world that has certainly been transformed by this has been the entertainment world, with more of us now using online alternatives as our main form of entertainment, but which are the best ways to entertain ourselves online?

One of the driving forces behind online entertainment has been through the way in which we are now watching television and films which has moved away from cable subscriptions and now to using streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. This is since these services can offer some of the best libraries of tv shows and films and all for a very small price which is what is making them so popular amongst consumers and this is clearly the future for watching television.

Moreover, another great way in which you can entertain yourself through the internet can be on gambling sites like these betting sites which are available for non-UK players. They are not only able to offer the best odds on the internet, but they also have a huge range of markets on which you can bet.

Another popular form of entertainment online is through gaming, which is a new industry, and must put all its success down to the internet. Gaming was popular pre-internet yes, through arcades and other avenues, but the success it’s having today wouldn’t be without the use of the internet, as we can now game online with friends and family, and anyone around the world. Not only that, but mobile gaming is currently the fastest growing area of the industry, and this is due to the fact that we are all so reliant on our smartphones, the accessibility is endless.

And finally, social media has become another popular area within the internet in which you can entertain yourself for hours. Social media pages have quickly become some of the most visited websites on the internet, and they come in a whole range of forms which is what makes them so popular. Catch up with your friends on Facebook, read the news on Twitter, share images on Instagram, watch content on YouTube, and spend hours flicking through TikTok – all of these are great ways to entertain yourself online.

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