Regarded as enticing and crazy, Camel Cash Casino is being liked by young and old alike. Camel Cash Casino has proven to be one of the best social casino games with spine-chilling graphics and awe-inspiring features. This never before seen slot machine game comes with a lot of embedded characteristics that clearly help it to stand apart from other slot machine games available in the market. Some interesting characteristics that have led to the craziness behind Camel Cash Casino are listed as under.

  1. Plentiful Rewards and Bonuses:- A major reason behind being crazy is Camel Cash Casino offers plenty of rewards and bonuses to its users. Daily Bonuses are further categorized into Daily Spins, Return Bonuses, and VIP Bonuses. Apart from them, there are Hourly Bonuses and Weekly Bonuses. The users have ample opportunities to win coins that are used to place the bets. With the coins received from these respective bonuses, they can enjoy playing various slot machine games.
  2. Over two score Slot Machine Games:- A score is a twenty, and two scores are a couple of twenties. Doing the math, Camel Cash Casino has over 40 games engraved into its interface. Some of these attractive slot machines are Jewel Bonanza, Treasure of Aqua, Volcano Rocks, The Hord of Orcs, Pirates Treasure, The Mask Show, Sizzling Triple 7, Classic Mega Jackpot, etc. With a plethora of options, the players can choose any slot machine with closed eyes.
  3. Camel Arena:- Camel Arena is the USP of Camel Cash Casino. Making it more crazy, Camel Cash Casino provides its players the privilege of building their own village. In addition to creating their own village, they can also raid and attack other villages for the collection of gems and coins respectively. Again, with more than two score maps, the building of the village becomes more fresh and engaging. With this feature, the users can compete with their friends through Facebook.
  4. Cash Card Album:- Cash Card Album is another crazy feature in Camel Cash Casino. It is basically a sort of event which has 18 Sets or Milestones to be achieved. Each set comprises 10 cards. All these sets collectively form an album. The cards are primarily of four types, viz., Regular Card, Gold Card, Machine Card, and Wild Card. Every card carries a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 stars. Once all the cards are collected in a wrapper, the gamer gets the mentioned prize. This act of completing the album becomes really fascinating and exciting.
  5. Other Casino Games:- Not only limited to slot machines, but Camel Cash Casino also includes various mini Casino Games, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Video Poker, etc. These games are included just to give the user the whole Las Vegas experience. Having the whole of Las Vegas in the palm of your hand certainly makes it a crazy social casino game.

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