Licensed Psychologist

Requirements to Become a Licensed Psychologist

The specific licensure requirements differ from state to state. There are three components required: (1) Education - consisting of a doctorate in...

How to get a perfect score on your SAT

Thanks to the SAT, college admissions panels can get a good understanding of the students’ academic performance. They can make sense...

How to Improve Your Grades for Final Year

It’s your final year of university, meaning it’s time to buckle down and put your studying hat on. Even the brightest...

2019’s 7 Best eLearning Platforms

The eLearning industry is massive, no matter which way you look at it. By 2022, the industry will be worth at...

Writing a Winning Personal Statement

Showcase the ‘Best’ in You When it comes to short-listing candidates, admission officers are looking for those who perfectly fit the criteria and...

Early Higher Education Budgeting

When you have kids you start to ask yourself questions about how to best prepare them for the future. Should you...

Earning Your Ph.D. in Psychology

The pinnacle of higher education. The thing that makes it all worthwhile. That little piece of paper that proves you did...

How to Improve Your Concentration While Studying

Do you find it difficult to concentrate while you’re trying to study? You aren’t alone. There are many factors that can...

The Value of a Ph.D.: Advantage of earning a Ph.D. from IIM

Holding a Ph.D. degree or carrying a Doctorate is an academic honor. Many professionals are beginning to realize the value of...

Writing a good essay: The 5 main stages

The essay is derived from the French word essayer, which means to try, and essays to test. It is this initial...

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