Classes to Take in High School to Become a Psychologist

The process of becoming a psychologist is a long and arduous one that necessitates college, graduate school, and a licensing application....
Psychology Courses in Graduate School

How to Take the Right Psychology Courses in Graduate School

It should come as no surprise that the courses you take in graduate school help prepare you for your eventual career...
Psychology Test

Five Tricks for Studying for a Psychology Test

When you first embark on the path of studying psychology, it’s easy to be seduced by the myriad fascinating theories and...
Psychology Graduate Program

Choosing a Psychology Graduate Program

Pursuing a Masters or Doctoral degree in psychology involves a large investment of both time and money. Perhaps this is the...

The Value of a Ph.D.: Advantage of earning a Ph.D. from IIM

Holding a Ph.D. degree or carrying a Doctorate is an academic honor. Many professionals are beginning to realize the value of...

The Best Advice For Any College Student

Anyone who's gone through the college experience can tell you that the realities of the college "experience" really smack you in...

Should Your College Student Have a Credit Card?

Credit cards have come under focus as of late thanks to the current financial crisis as credit card debt has become...

Slim-Pickins‘: How to Narrow Down Your College List

Having the opportunity to go to college is a privilege—one you worked hard for. Making the most out of that privilege...

Tips for Studying Psychology – Be Active, Take Notes, Be Prepared

So you’re studying psychology, and it’s starting to take its psychological toll on your brain – which is surprising considering the...

Five Books Recommended for Psychology Students – Both Current and Prospective

1) Learning Cognitive Behavior Therapy, An Illustrated Guide, by Wright, Basco, and Thase (2006).  This one is my all time favorite book....

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