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Using data to improve your sports betting returns

If you have been betting recently and feel disappointed in your returns, or feel that you are losing a lot, then...

Benefits of Video Analysis in Sports

The video analysis in sports provides players with deep insight and evaluation of their performance. Statistically, 65% of people learn better...

Great Financial Lessons from NFL Pros

We are used to hearing financial tales of woe from sports stars who have spent their money poorly. From Mike Tyson’s...

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Top Factors That Affect Your Home loan EMI

A home loan EMI has two components – a principal component and an interest component. In the...

6 Skills You Need to Start a Business of Your Own

Setting up a business requires proficiency in various skills. Apart from being proactive, a businessperson should have...

Four Trade Show Ideas for Attracting Visitors

Dress in Appropriate and Attractive Attire You need to present a coordinated overall package if you want to...

7 Deadly Sins of New Product Development

Product Development
Product development is one of the most important areas for a business to succeed. Innovation and research...

Six Reasons Why A Long-distance Relationship Is The Best

Being in a long-distance relationship is one of the unique and stimulating experiences. If you are one...