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When you think of classical, luxurious homes, most of the time you envision them having beautiful, glossy, and hard-wearing solid wood floors. For generations, oak has remained and still continues to be a top favorite material for flooring. This is mainly due to its stunning good looks, but also its robust structure and easy practicality. It’s not just used for flooring either, with it having boundless uses from furniture and ornaments too. But the best way to show it off is certainly to purchase it for your floors.

Solid wood flooring has been used on floors since the 17th century, and it is still one of the top choices today. It demonstrates time and time again that it has so much to offer, and is not an option to be overlooked if you are looking at purchasing your next flooring.

Timeless Looks

As already discussed, solid wood flooring is the most timeless flooring option there is available. It has never and will never go out of fashion, with its popularity only rising. It will wow your guests for years to come that’s for sure! Coming in so many colors, patterns, designs, and finishes, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences, it will add real style to your living space. Whether you choose to go for a dark walnut wood to fit a classical interior, or a soft honey oak for a contemporary look, we promise this gorgeous material will not disappoint.


It is well known that solid wood flooring works well with nearly every interior design. As a natural product, it can bring harmony to man-made features in your home, adding that desirable natural element that so many of us crave in our interiors. It is never out of place and provides the perfect backdrop for bolder furnishings, and will complement whatever features you have. This is ideal, as you do not change your flooring often so you need something that’s easygoing and will work with everything.

Eco- friendly

Something that is becoming increasingly on our minds is how eco-friendly our purchases are, and flooring is certainly included in that. Many solid wood floor manufacturers look for sustainable sources and production, so the good news is that solid wood is significantly more eco-friendly than options such as laminate or vinyl. For every tree that is cut down, another one is planted most of the time and does not rely on harmful chemicals during production.

Long Life Span

Perhaps the second-best feature after pleasing looks. Solid wood flooring is probably the most durable flooring choice available and will last for a lifetime, often even outliving the person who installed it. With the right care and attention, your wood flooring can continue to look brand new for many years without showing wear or damage. The best part however is if you do end up damaging it, you can sand it down and refinish it to remove any damage, perfect!

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