Stuck with the never-ending list of notes, assignments, and exams? If you are tired of managing notes from millions of websites and bothering your friends for repeated doubts, you should definitely check out Chegg. Take a quick scroll to know more about all its features and how you can use it for multiple purposes.

What Is Chegg?

If you are a student who constantly battles with deadlines, assignments and academics, Chegg is the place to be. Chegg is specially designed for students to get easy access to rented books, solutions manuals, online tutoring etc. It delivers high-quality help in terms of homework, exams and assignments.

Purchasing books for a hundred different subjects take a toll on your pockets and therefore, Chegg is an absolute necessity to get your hands on rental books for cheap prices. It also enlists internships and other online courses that you can view to build your career.

Features Of Chegg

By now you must have understood the basic idea behind creating Chegg and what it offers to do for you. Even so, we have enlisted the most important features of Chegg that will get you more clarity –

– Easy textbook search by title, ISBN, or barcode scanner.
– Rental or purchased textbooks.
– Free e-textbook preview of all titles.
– Online tutoring
– Networking
– Math solver
– College admissions and internships information

Chegg Prices And Subscriptions

Take a look at all the various types of subscriptions that Chegg offers based on what you require.

Chegg Study                                16.95 $/month
Chegg Math Solver                     9.95 $/month
Chegg Writing                              9.95 $/month
Chegg Tutors                               48 $/month For 120 tutoring min
96 $/month For 240 tutoring min
30 $/month For 60 tutoring min

Free Chegg Accounts

Chegg makes it easier for you to decide whether it works for you or not by simply signing in and getting access to a free trial consisting of 14 days. You can understand what it offers in a detailed manner and then get the paid membership for $14.95 a month. The paid version will unlock many more features and services that might interest you.

But if you are running tight on the budget and want an easier way to extract its benefits, look no more. There is more than one method to grab a free Chegg account and we are going to talk about them step by step.

How To Make Free Chegg Accounts

1. Using Chegg Trial

This is one of the easiest methods to get your hands on the premium features of Chegg. You can sign in with any of your emails to access the trial version (14 days) and then use another one to increase the trial period! You can simply use their site by registering through different emails.

You only have to sign in with the registered email from the official website and then fill out the details including your personal information and the content you need access to. You can fill in your payment details in the next step and you’re done!

2. Free Premium Chegg Usernames And Passwords

The next method is to simply use the below mentioned free accounts by filling in the exact credentials. Make sure to not change the passwords and allow everyone to use them.                               Allabes$1                                   rami#RZ                               daelenb123                                ABEabe3                                           DontChangeIt                                                                         13331333choungchantima4
senga000                                                                  0053411070
Carldeosupnet                                                          justdoit09z
BIrdt3n                                                                       b123456787
amirgui20                                                                  especial600


As a student, we know how hard it gets with each assignment piling on over the other. It feels good to have some sort of support, whether it is regarding the materials or some important doubt sessions. So don’t waste any time and log in to these free Chegg accounts to get the maximum results this term. Connect with us in the comments below!

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