Xbox one is generally known for gaming by gamers but it also has a ton of good quality movie app with it. If you are too bored of playing games and want to watch a movie then there are a ton of free movie apps for Xbox One. Some are surprisingly very good and you can watch some premium movies on them. Xbox now has converted into a full-on entertainment software. You must have known some of these channels but there will be some which you do not know.

Your craving for movies will be solved by this article where we shall look at several such movie apps which have quality content. Here you can find free movie apps for Xbox One. We shall look at each of these apps and give a brief features overview. You can go through each one of them and see which is one is best for you. So now scroll down and start reading.

Best Free Movie Apps for Xbox One 2021

In this section, we shall see the best free movie apps in X box One. Using these apps, you can see many free movies. You can also access apps like Youtube, Vimeo on Xbox one. All of them have a ton of free movies, but each one of them has a bit different features. We shall highlight those features in this article so that, it is easier for you to choose.  So without any further ado, let me start discussing the apps.

1. Tubi TV

This app has a ton of movies and most of its movies are in HD. It has around 35,000 free movies in it. Movies belong from different genres. The user interface of the app is pretty organized and good. You can also use the search option above to search for your movie.

Apart from that, you can also search for the movie by selecting the genres of your choice. A lot of genres are listed there from which you can select. The thumbnails of the movies are large enough to see the movie. On clicking on the movie, it will take you to the description.

Features in brief:

  1. You can watch movies without logging in.
  2. The majority of the movies are HD quality.
  3. Has good movies

2. YouTube

Youtube does not need an introduction but yet, we will be discussing some features so that you can know better. Though you will not find any recent movies on YouTube you can find some old good movies for free on Youtube. There are thousands of movies that are there for free on Youtube. You can find movies from all genres on YouTube. The best thing about Youtube is it can run on any device.

Brief features:

  1. Get several free movies.
  2. Get HD-quality movies.

3. Roku

Roku has several free movies in it. This app has several options from which you can reach your favorite movie. This site, it has several genres listed, through these options you can reach your desired movie. Click on the free tab to see those movies which are free. It also recommends those movies which are similar to the one you have found. It also has on-demand TV shows.

Features in brief:

  1. Get a ton of free films.
  2. It has LIVE TV or on-demand TV Shows.
  3. it recommends similar movies as we searched.

4. Popcornflix

This is another app where you can see movies for free. The categorization of movies is very clear and so you can locate your movies in few steps. Some of the genres are action, drama, horror, documentaries, crime, sports, thriller, and sci-fi movies. There is also a not seen filter where you will find only those movies which you have not seen yet. This app works on all platforms.

Features in brief:

  1. You get the subtitle option on this site.
  2. One can find popular movies on this site.
  3. All the categories are separated sharply.
  4. Has a special not-seen filter.

5. Pluto TV

You can see a ton of content for free in this app. It also has features for on-demand streaming. This app has very similar genres as other apps. You can also access the recently added movies in this app.

Features in brief:

  1. It has a demand movie feature.
  2. It works on all devices.
  3. Good User Interface.

6. Vudu

When it comes to free movies, Vudu is the first thing that comes to the mind of a person. Vudu has a ton of free movies. If you are OK with seeing several ads while watching the movie, then you can see several free things. There are options like “Hidden Gems“, “All-Time Movie Favorites”, “Most Watched Movies” through which you can find your movies easily.

Features in Brief:

  1. All movies are in HD.
  2. find a ton of free movies.
  3. You can get a recent movie for free.

7. Crackle

Crackle is another app that can work on every device. Over here there are free movies on several genres.  You have several detailed options to navigate to your favorite movie. One can find his/ her favorite movie by filters like genres, time, day, etc.

Features in Brief:

  1. A ton of free movies.
  2. You can watch movies without login in.
  3. Switch on caption for the movies.
  4. works on all devices.

8. RedBox

RedBox has several high-quality free movies. Click on Watch free option on the screen. You can now see several free movies supported by ads now. Sometimes, you can also find some very recent movies over here. On this site also, you can search for movies using the genres given.

Features in Brief:

  1. You can see movies without signing up.
  2. A ton of free movies.
  3. Pretty well arranged.

9. Snag Films

If you are an intellectual then this app is for you. This app has several intelligent documentaries which you can view for free. In this app also it is segregated using several genres and you can search your movie using the same.

Features in Brief:

  1. Ad-free, free movies
  2. good UI
  3. Thought-provoking movies

10. Viki

If you are a fan of K-POP, then this app is for you. Here you will find Korean, Japanese, and Chinese movies. It also has features for turning on subtitles.

Features in brief:

  1. It Has subtitles
  2. Especially have Asian content.

Top 12 Movie Apps on Xbox One for free

The best apps are:

  1. Tubi
  2. Youtube
  3. Roku
  4. Popcornflix
  5. Pluto TV
  6. Vudu
  7. Crackle
  8. Redbox
  9. Snag Films
  10. Viki
  11. Kanopy
  12. Sling TV


Now that you know about the various free movie apps for X box one. You can now go ahead and enjoy yourself. Explore and see which one appeals more to you. I have also highlighted the features so that you can divide them better.  Do let me know what you think about the article.

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