How agents became peelers and were named: Bobby

Bobby is a boy name. Very common in Engeland. It is also the nickname of a policeman in the United Kingdom. But there is more.

The name is derived from Sir Robbert ‘Bobby’ Peel. He lived from 1788 till 1850 and was once premier of Engeland (1834-1835 and from 1841-1846). He did a law study and was famous for his striking speeches in the parliament.

As a minister of home affairs, he put his stamp on the police force in the city of London. Necessary in the early twenties, because of the chaos in town. There was a lot of crime.

Police-force of Peelers

There had to be some action. But what? Peel intervened and formed a strong police corps. A special police unit that was known under the name Peelers. This reorganization showed a fall of crimes in the city. Since then an Engels policeman is called a peeler.

But the name Bobby sounded more friendly and nicer. Until today an English policeman is called mostly that way.

Peel did more than only forming a police corps. He also took care of woman and children that had to work for many hours in the factories. He reduced the number of hours and made it safer to work, thanks to a new safety-standard for the used machines.

Bobby XD-design backpacks

Now we come to the point. The name ‘Bobby’ is also used for the super-luxe backpacks of XD Design. Used as a travel bag or a schoolbag (translated to Dutch: schooltas). It is a Dutch brand, with the English nickname for highly secured backpacks.

Thieves have no chance to come into the bags. They have hidden zippers, invisible for everyone with a criminal thought. De zippers are located inside and are placed on the side of the back form the who carries the schoolbag.

It is the bag that is more than super practical (check: USB port). It is also a luxe bag. Why? The bags are made out of riding material and have reflective stripes — all for safety and security.

The XD-Design bags have also a handy USB charging port. They are used mostly as a laptop bag for work or school. You can put a lot of stuff in the bag like the laptop, chargers, notebooks and so on. They are, of course, made of durable materials.

The designs are made for woman and man. Woman schoolbags (translated to Dutch: schooltassen dames) are mostly the colorful XD Design bags for work or school and study. In red or yellow, for example. The man mostly goes for the grey and black ones. But be free to turn this around. Why not a light blue colored one for the boys and a cool black one for the female students!

Bobby de agent

Back to Bobby. There are more nicknames for police agents. Like: Chippie and Cop. In France, he is named a Flic or a Poulet. A chicken! In Holland that is the name for a policeman in Amsterdam.

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