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The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. It is often used not just as a space for cooking, but also for hosting and for studying, so it only makes sense it has a high bearing on the value of any home. The right-styled kitchen can bring a flair of luxury and be the deciding factor on the pricing of your home when preparing for sale.

A well-presented kitchen can almost guarantee a pique in interest from prospective buyers; it can outweigh any doubts they may have in your property. If you are upgrading your kitchen with the main focus of selling your home, you should undoubtedly bear prospective sellers in mind and what they would like rather than your own personal tastes. A unique and eye-catching kitchen can add up to 10% to the value of your home so keep the following in mind.


Kitchens can quickly become outdated, so when it comes to fitting a kitchen in your home, there are a number of options to be considered. Flooring is essential. There will be a lot of water spillage and food falling onto the floor in your kitchen so it is important you install something that can be easily cleaned and resistant to moisture. Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) vinyl floor tiles are a great option as they are resistant to scuffs, water, and stains.

It adds a flair of individuality to a home as the design is entirely unique. A bespoke kitchen can last for decades, which is good news as many buyers actively looking for a home that they don’t require them to fit a new kitchen straight away.

When considering appliances, it can be a challenge to find timeless pieces, especially when it comes to items such as washing machines and dishwashers. In order to combat the signs of aging appliances, consider having them built-in as this will keep the exterior looking very clean and make the devices less noticeable.

You can get away with keeping your appliances for a much more extended period of time without them marring the overall aesthetic of your kitchen when concealed behind cabinet doors. This, in the long run, will save you from continually investing in new appliances simply because they are out of date.

Efficient Appliances

In the current era, any prospective buyers will be looking for ways to save money. Homeowners and buyers alike are more often than not very interested in incorporating eco-friendly features into their home. When selecting appliances, a general rule of thumb is to choose the most energy-efficient appliances you can. Not only do they reduce your carbon footprint, but they also save money in the long term. Appliances rated A + will consume a lot less energy than appliances rated B. This is positive as it indicates that the owner will be able to cut the costs of their utility bills. This is a real win for potential buyers.


As the main stage for many homes, the kitchen must have adequate lighting; a well-lit space allows potential buyers to see the possibilities more than they would be able to in a darkened dingy room. If you can, natural light will make a kitchen feel far more significant than it is and thus much more appealing. With the kitchen space being redefined over the years as a more useable space, opening it up and using reflective surfaces as much as you can really make the entire kitchen space feel larger and brighter.

You can go with under-counter lighting to maintain maximum visibility, especially if you don’t have the luxury of natural light. These under-counter lights can give some illusion of luxury within your kitchen; they can also bring light to spots that are awkwardly situated.

The Price Is Right

It is crucial to consider the spending for a project like this. Work on a budget and make sure you stick to it. More important than that is to have a budget that is realistic to the current value of your home. A budget of £40,000 is not going to ignite a significant return on investment if your home is currently valued at £200,000. If your house is valued very highly currently, it would also not be wise to have a meager budget as this can have an adverse reaction for your home and even devalue it or potentially discourage buyers.

The Overall Look

To arrive at the perfect kitchen design, you want to make sure that a professional company like Hunter Hall Design is with you every step of the way. A designer will work with you on helping you to recognize how best to maximize the space and potential of your kitchen, and they can help you decide whether to incorporate any standard features in your home. You could have visions of a modern high-tech gadget-filled kitchen, but if this doesn’t fit with the feel of your house at all, a good designer will be honest about it and tell you.

A designer can work with you to find the perfect layout that ensures the maximum level of efficiency. Ideally, a kitchen should be efficient in how it works; you would want the design to follow the standards set by the kitchen work triangle theory. In addition, it is important to have as much storage as possible. This is crucial in any kitchen and a clutter-free environment is very appealing to potential buyers.

The main thing is to work on a look that is complementary to space, but that can be adjusted in the future should you need to. Show the buyer, for example, how building an extension could double the area.

Bespoke kitchens are priced considerably more than mass-produced kitchens due to the high quality and standard of products. Still, if they are executed well, the costs are indeed worth it as they will provide you with a considerable return on investment. It is undoubtedly something worth thinking about investing in when selling your home in order to maximize your profits.

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