How to write SEO “write for us” guest post?

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SEO article writing is what you need to practice if you want your articles to be found on Google. Everyone who writes articles for money should be constantly looking at ways to improve the SEO of their article writing.

SEO Article Writing – Step By Step

This article approaches SEO from the very beginning. It is essential to understand how search engines work and why you should forget the idea of $30 click keywords.

What is SEO Article Writing?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is what writers do to persuade search engines to rank articles higher.

SEO Article Writing is where search engine optimization techniques are applied to writing an article (200-3000 words). The writer is trying to convince Google that the article should rank at the top of its search results.

Where Do You Need SEO Article Writing?

You need to be constantly thinking of search engine optimization factors wherever you write online. If you want to earn money from ads on your articles, lots of people need to see them. The only way that will happen is if your article gets onto page 1 of Google’s search results.

You need to be thinking about SEO article writing when you are writing blog posts and forum posts, too, if you want any of the search engines to find them. The big three, Google, Yahoo, and Bing all rank an article higher if it is optimized for their spiders to read.

Why Do You Need to Improve Your SEO Article Writing?

Large amounts of money change hands as website owners pay SEO companies to get them to the top of Google’s search results. Some companies charge $2,000 a month, just to get you in the top five! SEO professionals have analyzed how search engines, especially Google, rank different articles and websites.

Titbits of SEO knowledge fall to the ground and have become general knowledge amongst website owners, who use these to improve their own search engine ranking. More and more website owners use these search engine optimization techniques, so the chances of a high search engine ranking without using SEO techniques falls.

Improve your SEO if you are serious about earning money, or forget the whole business because everyone else is improving theirs and your website or articles will soon be buried.

How Do You Improve the SEO of Your Article Writing?

To be totally upfront, nobody actually knows, except a handful of employees at Google. People have statistical analyses, showing this and that will improve your search engine ranking, and that is what people preach as good SEO technique.

Google also changes its rules every six months or so, just to confuse everyone even more. They do this because of the way webmasters game the system; Google only wants “natural” search results and dislikes the idea of people artificially getting their websites higher than they “should be.”

How does Google decide what results to show?

Google’s has three sets of customers:

  • People who search
  • Businesses that buy advertising space
  • website owners who sell advertising space

The three groups are linked because Google sells space on its results pages to advertisers. Google also places ads on websites for businesses and takes a cut of any advertising income.

Google tries to present a searcher with a perfect set of results. Perfect results are pages that match up to whatever the Searcher was looking for.

All the search engines use software to analyze every web page on the Internet. It uses the analysis results to work out which pages match to a searcher’s needs the best.

SEO is about convincing Google that your page has what the searcher is looking for.

You need to decide which searchers you are going to target with your article.

How Do You Decide Which Searchers to Target?

Some searchers are more profitable than others. This is because advertisers will pay more to put their ads in front of certain searches. Advertisers will pay $30 a click to show their ads to some searchers.

There are five parts to deciding which searchers to target with your SEO article:

  1. How many searchers there are looking for a particular piece of knowledge
  2. How much advertisers will pay to place their ads in front of those searchers
  3. How many other websites are already competing for those searchers
  4. Whether you can get onto the first page of search results
  5. How likely those searchers are to click on Google’s ads

1 & 2 The Google Adsense free keyword tool will tell you this
3 If you click on any item in the left column of the results the Adsense keyword tool gives you, you can see which websites are top of Google’s search results. You can also use the allintitle: Your Keyword Phrase command to see the number of competing sites that use your keyword phrase in their title.
4 You need to decide if you can compete with the sites that are on page 1 of Google’s results. You need data to help you assess your chances. Download Google’s toolbar. This will give you the Page Rank of every website you visit.

If all your competitors are PR 3 and above, then forget that search term, similarly, if they are all .edu and .gov sites, choose another search term and start again.

5 If there is an article page already on page 1 of the search results then you have a chance, you can compete with blogs and article sites. The only tool I know of that will tell you the likelihood of searchers clicking is Market Samurai. This software has a free trial, so download it and do all your research during your trial. It also gives you the information from all 5 points in one table.

If you want to start without Market Samurai you can use a simple rule of thumb; People click on ads on review articles and articles that solve urgent problems. Articles that provide all the information get few clicks. Information articles get a few clicks.

It is only once you have chosen a keyword phrase that you have a chance with that you can even start looking at SEO.

There are two parts of search engine optimization; On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

How Do You Improve Your On-Page Article SEO?

  • Use your keyword phrase in your title
  • Use your keyword phrase in H1 & H2 subheadings, twice
  • Use your keyword scattered through your article, but only as often as reads naturally. Use a few instances where your keyword phrase is broken up, but still in the same order
  • Use synonyms for your keyword scattered through your article
  • Use related terms that Google expects to see, e.g. This article is largely about Google, but I have included “Yahoo” and “Bing” in it as well
  • If you use images, use Titles and Alt Text that include your keyword
  • Use your keywords in your page or post description and tags

How Do You Improve Your Off-Page SEO?

  • Get Links to your article from bookmark sites like She Told Me, You Say Too and Post Your Own
  • Get links into your article from sites that accept short articles like Info Pirate, Fuel space, Snipsly
  • Get links into your article from RSS feeds like
  • Get links to your article from social networking sites
  • Get links into your article from forum signatures. Play an active role in the forum and never spam, or you will just be banned
  • Get links into your article by commenting on related blogs. Comment, never spam
  • Get links into your article by guest posting on blogs

Article Writer Software-Independent Review

There are no affiliate links anywhere in this article writer software review, the only links are to free software downloads. It is therefore totally independent and unbiased.

There are different types of article writer software. An article writer could use this software to make their writing easier. The writer does need to edit the results that the software gives, but this is much easier than writing from scratch, especially if you find writing to be inherently difficult.
What is Article Writer Software?

All article writing software is basically the same; it searches the Internet for sentences related to your search term and then presents you with a list of the sentences it has found.

It is what you do with the potential content that the article writing program finds that decide how convincing your article will be.
When is Article Writer Software Useful?

Article writers may find this software useful as a source of ideas that you will rewrite. When you rewrite the content you will automatically make the many small changes that are necessary for an article to flow; there will be none of the discontinuities that are a giveaway to the fact that article writer software has been used.

As a website owner, you may find article writer software useful for producing good quality articles to aim at particular niche keywords. You can use these programs to provide extra content, if you are struggling to reach your desired word count or to add a paragraph to a blog post, perhaps as an update comment.
How Can You Improve on the Results that Article Writer Software Gives You?

· Edit out any irrelevant results

· Input a series of closely related query terms

· Make your query terms very detailed and specific

· Reword and rework the results until you have a coherent whole
Common Mistakes With Article Writer Software

It is not possible to just merge the sentences into an article without any thought or planning. There are always changes of case and subject that will trip up the unwary user of article writer software. It can be difficult to make the article flow in a natural way unless edits are made. There are subtle discontinuities that break the flow of an article when a person reads it.
Article Writer Software – Type #1 Random Sentence Finder

This software searches the Internet for sentences related to the phrase the article writer entered. The software lists the random sentences it has found and the writer selects the ones that he or she wants to incorporate into an article.

Here are three pieces of article writer software that fit into this category

Instant Article Ghost Writer – 7-day free trial then $97 for 250 articles, remotely hosted, so you must have good Internet access.

Easy Article Writer – 7-day free trial then $17 a month, remotely hosted, so you must have good Internet access.

Quick Article Pro free trial download. This is the best option because you can see what it will do for you and whether the program meets your needs, without any commitment.

Instant Article Wizard Pro Collects sentences and paragraphs related to your search terms $27 a month, remotely hosted, so you will need good Internet access
Article Writer Software – Type#3 Random Question Finders

The Question Finder type software is sold with a different slant. It finds questions people are asking, instead of just random sentences. Questions come with answers and the software collects both. It can be a lot easier to construct an article around questions, even if you only glance at the associated answers.

Programs in this category of article writer software are sold as research tools, rather than article writing software, but they can be used in exactly the same way. With care and editing the results will give website owners and bloggers good enough and unique articles, without the expense of outsourcing.

Full-time article writers can use these programs to speed up research and produce more articles on a working day.

Answer Analyst $97
Article Writer Software – Type #4 Random Paragraph Finders

This software produces 50-word paragraphs around your input data, which you then link together. You can enter closely related paragraph subjects and get a longer article. Editing of paragraphs is necessary because paragraphs do not always lead naturally onto the next.

Article Writer Pro

Instant Article Wizard Pro Collects sentences and paragraphs related to your search terms

$27 a month forever
Article Writer Software – Type#5 Article Framework

This category of software is designed to make the article writer’s life easier, by providing a framework to write in; an Intro box, Heading 1 box, first paragraph box, etc. They are usually available as free downloads and can help writers to structure their articles.

Free Article Writing Software free download from

Article Tool Chest, a free download that includes rewriting tools from

Article Jockey a free download that includes Google Adsense keyword finder includes spinner from

8 Minute Article Writer another free download from

PqArticle, Free if you subscribe to the owner’s blog. Find it at
Article Writer Software – Conclusion

A talented writer writing from the brain will always produce a better article than a mediocre writer using article writer software. Talented writers cost money though and sometimes a website owner needs articles of good, rather than superb quality. Any intelligent website owner or blogger can put together a good article using article writer software, as long as he or she is prepared to edit the results and build an article carefully.

Web Writer-A Career Opportunity For You?

Being a web writer is usually a freelance job, meaning that you have full control of your working day, but you have to find work for yourself. You need to be good at networking and selling yourself. There are two kinds of web writing, writing web content and web copywriting.
Web Content Writer

Most website owners want unique content for their web pages and blog posts. This is your opportunity to step in as a web content writer and produce the needed content.

There are several ways you can earn money by writing web content.

Website owners may contract with a third party provider of web content such as,, The third party provider then contracts out the writing to a web content writer on their list, who is paid a fixed sum from $15-$75, depending on the complexity of the work. Most of this web writing is in the form of 500-800 word articles.

In most cases the contracting party will want full ownership of the article’s copyright; you lose all ownership of the article when you send it off.

Web writers must know or learn, how to incorporate keyword phrases into their articles without disturbing the natural flow of the piece. Any piece of web content writing must not read as though it is stuffed with keywords but as a natural piece of English writing. You will be told how often the required keyword phrase should be repeated and must stick to that frequency if your work is to be accepted.

The three large outsourcing agencies for web content writing work in different ways. Demand Studios is very difficult to work for, with rigid Associated Press style for all writing. You choose articles from a list of titles and write in different formats, all of which are described in excruciating detail on the site. If you are writing an article that you know something about it is a lot easier but still extremely time-consuming with endless edits required to both the article and your signature.

Content Content is slightly easier to work for. You will be sent a list of available articles every few days varying from 300-800 words. Content Content pay a much higher rate than Demand Studios, often $40-$50 for 500 words, against Demand Studios’ $15

On Rent-a-coder you bid for work, so be aware that you will be bidding against web writers from very low wage economies such as India or China. Unless you are prepared to work for Indian wage rates you are unlikely to be successful in many bids

Sometimes web content writers will be required to provide an article, complete with HTML paragraph and header tags. This is very easy. Download a free HTML editor, such as that included in Netscape Navigator 7.2. Type in normal mode, including side headings where appropriate, then switch to HTML mode and copy and paste the text into a text editor such as WordPad.
Web Copy Writer

The main sources of web copywriting work are through sites such as and You must bid for work against web copywriters and coders from the developing world, where wage costs are only a fraction of US and European rates.

In many cases those looking for web content writing work will take the lowest cost option, then pay someone to rewrite the shoddy work when it arrives. You might have a better chance of editing work than as a web copywriter because you can write in the perfect English idiom that is expected.

Whatever type of web content you are writing can be extremely rewarding. Everyone who writes anything for Internet use should sign up with at least Constant Content and write and submit a few articles to that site. The rapid turnaround and payment that these article outsourcing companies provide might help you out of a financial hole at some point in the future. As a freelance web content writer your future is always insecure and knowing that you can always bang off ten articles for Constant Content and receive a payment of three hundred dollars in a few days is reassuring.

No web content writer should spend more time than they have to work for this kind of up-front payment. With all of these websites you that forfeit all copyright and any future earnings from your articles. Think of the upfront writing payment sites as short-term income to pay the rent or to buy a new computer when you need one. Even if your situation is dire, put some time aside every day to write articles for other sites that will pay you a share of the advertising your article earns.

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