Whether it’s your phone, tab, or PC, cache files and unwanted data can slow it down from performing to its highest potential. Here is the list of 100% working Mycleanpc license key for activation, clean up junk files, boost its performance, and speed up your PC. The software that attempts to diagnose and fix these computer issues including freezing, pop-ups, and crashing. It offers a good number of tools for different purposes as well.

It only works towards speeding up your computing experience and makes your system run smoother and faster. You can install it to scan your computer for various issues that you can initially use for free but you have to pay for the full version.

What Is Mycleanpc?

Mycleanpc is an optimization tool and a cleaning software that protects your computer from adware, cache, and other temporary files. It also includes a registry cleaner and a privacy protector that will wipe out all unwanted data items that have been collected over time within your browser.

Major Features Of Mycleanpc

  • A cleaner computer by deleting files that slow down your computer
  • Stops pop-ups and improves security
  • Increases speed with a powerful scanning engine

You end up spending so much on your computers since day-1 that it becomes necessary to cut some costs down. And to help you with that, Mycleanpc offers a free clean up version that you can easily download and get started. You can even pay later to get a paid version with many more tools for various problems.

How To Download For Free?

Before you pay for the upgraded paid version of Mycleanpc, you can easily utilize the software for free in a few simple steps. Follow these steps to check out its credibility in a free version.

  1. Visit the official website mycleanpc.com and download the software.
  2. Once downloaded, install the program on your computer.
  3. Click on scan to run your free diagnostic scan.

You can use the free diagnostic scan to look for issues that are slowing down your computer. As for the paid version, you can activate the software for just $19.99 to optimize your computer performance.

Mycleanpc License Keys 2021

The trial version will help you clean the digital garbage from your system and efficiently increase the quality of speed on your computer.

The paid subscription has many other advantageous features in its latest version including real-time cleaning from malware, rootkits, spyware, and other viruses to enhance security and speed.


Mycleanpc license key is the activation code that you receive once you’ve made the purchase for the paid version. You can find the activation key either on your purchase confirmation page or confirmation email. You can use this license key to activate your paid account and enjoy the benefits.

How To Activate Mycleanpc Using The License Key?

Once you’ve received the confirmation email for your purchase, look for the license key. Now simply follow the instructions to activate your paid account.

1. Copy your activation code from the confirmation page or email.
2. Open the Mycleanpc program and scan your computer.
3. Open the scan results.
4. Click on ‘activate now’ in the bottom left corner.

5. Paste your activation code and click on ‘activate now’.
6. Click on ‘clean all items now’ to clean up your computer.

Final Words

Keeping your computer clean and protected from various malware is necessary to maintain the speed and efficiency of the system. Thus investing in Mycleanpc cleaner is a step towards getting the best out of your computer.

We hope the instructions we’ve covered have helped you get started. Please respond in the comments section below in case you have any questions or suggestions.

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