While you should expect to get plenty of years out of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, the day will come when it needs to be replaced. Could it be that the day has finally arrived? Before you make any decisions, consult with a Lighthouse HVAC contractor, and discuss the possible actions. During the conversation, explore these questions and share the answers with the contractor. Doing so will make it easier to decide if another repair is in order or if you would do better to invest in a new system.

How Old is the Unit?

There are different opinions about how long a system should last. Some will indicate that it’s time to begin thinking about a replacement after a single decade. Others feel that a well-built unit could last as long as 25 years.

The contractor can make a recommendation based on the make, model, and how long it’s been in place. It could be that your unit is known for lasting closer to 20 years than 10 years on average. If that’s the case and your unit is barely over a decade old, opting for the repair might be the best move.

And Is It Beginning to Consume More Energy?

Have you noticed any changes in energy consumption? Along with the amount of your monthly bill, noticing that the unit is running more often even though the weather is not unseasonably warm or cool is a good sign.

It could be there are more issues with the system than the one that you know about right this minute. There’s also the odds that the increased energy consumption has to do with worn parts that are still working but are likely to fail over the next year. If the latter is the case, consider what it would take to cover the cost of the current repair and those that are likely to occur several months from now. If the cumulative figure is almost the same as the cost of a new unit, now is a good time to think about making a change.

Are the Repairs Happening More Often?

Have you already found yourself in a cycle of needing repairs every few months? Assuming that those service calls involve something other than basic maintenance or an AC repair that doesn’t require replacement parts or a lot of time, it might be time to think about investing in a new system. Doing so would allow you to stop having to call for help every few months, provide you with a robust warranty, and likely keep the home at a comfortable temperature with greater ease.

Are Original Parts Getting Harder to Find?

Another factor to consider is how easy it is to get replacement parts. If you can still obtain original parts without any problem, the unit may be worth keeping for a few more years. When the original manufacturer is no longer supplying part and you have to rely on third parties, do think about replacing the unit. While some third-party manufacturers follow the original quality standards to the letter, others take shortcuts intended to keep production costs lower. That’s a scenario that you want to avoid.

Does the Unit Lack Some Features You Would Like?

How happy are you with the unit in general? Does it lack one or more features that you could put to good use? If that’s the case, why waste time and money repairing something that you’re not that crazy about? A better option is to talk with the contractor about systems that do include the features that you could put to good use.

The choice is yours. Weigh both options and determine which one would serve you best in the long run. The right one will ensure that it’s easy to heat and cool the home and that the cost of keeping the unit running is more affordable.

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