From groceries to health insurance, costs are on the rise. For decades, salary increases have failed to match the cost of inflation, making it harder for some people to make ends meet. For some, finding ways to reduce costs can make the difference between paying the bills or needing a second job to cover essential expenses.

While you may cut some costs by eliminating indulgences, electricity’s an essential cost. Electricity costs are on the rise around the globe. Between 2000 and 2019, electricity rates in the United States increased almost every year, with only three years reporting rate decreases. You can use online resources to find an affordable utility company and reduce your electricity bill. You can also employ some strategies to find ways to save on your electricity costs. Let’s look at these online resources and cost-saving strategies in closer detail.

How can you find cheap electricity?

The internet’s made it possible to locate information about products or services quickly. One advantage of online shopping is that you can also do web searches for client reviews, ensuring you find the best service providers for your needs.

Head to a website with an energy comparison tool. The tool asks for essential information, such as your ZIP code, whether you own or rent the property, and whether you need gas, electricity, or both. It also asks you to estimate your typical usage based on the number of occupants in your residence and whether you have solar panels. The tool uses this information to compile a list of cheap electricity providers who can serve your location, enabling you to compare rate costs and find the best plan for your needs. Electricity providers set rates per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

The tool allows you to identify other services you need, such as internet services. You can save time searching for essential services by combining your searches. Bundling some services may also reduce your bills. For example, if you have a gas line, it’s best to combine your electricity and gas plan to conserve costs.

Once you have the list of energy companies serving your area, you can use the internet to learn more about each company. While you may prioritize finding the cheapest electricity rate, you may want to find the cheapest rate from a company supplying renewable energy. Researching each electric provider ensures you find the best utility company for you.

How else can you save on electricity costs?

Once you find the best energy provider, you can take steps to reduce your energy costs. Move your reading chair near a window and take advantage of natural light instead of turning on lamps when you’re reading. You can trim your energy bill by as much as $8.33 USD per month by installing LED bulbs throughout your home.

Employ kitchen conservation strategies when it’s warm. Use your barbecue to grill food to avoid heating your house and running your air conditioner more often. Using a pressure cooker may also save money because you can prepare meals in less time than it takes to cook food in an oven. You’ll benefit by using one pot for cooking foods instead of using multiple burners because you’ll have fewer dishes to wash, cutting down on how often you need to run your dishwasher.

Use appliances during off-peak hours and conserve hot water to trim your energy bills. Install WaterSense showerheads and reduce your shower times by one minute per shower. Using these tactics decreases your demand for hot water, which means your water heater won’t need to run as often.

Online comparison tools are valuable resources you can use to find a cheap electricity plan. You can increase your savings with some energy conservation strategies, such as installing LED bulbs and using appliances during off-peak hours when rates are lower.

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