Automation is the future and so the marketing automation for businesses. Marketing automation is allowing businesses to reach out to more of the audience in a more effective way. HubSpot marketing automation is a tool that has been designed to grow your business without the need to perform a task again and again.

The process of marketing automation is not a complex task with HubSpot as you can automate the whole workflow by using a single interface. Let’s have a look at why HubSpot marketing automation plays a vital role in the marketing of your brand.

1 – Automation of Email Campaigns 

Email marketing campaigns always work great for businesses. However, it’s never been easy to send thousands of emails to potential customers. With HubSpot marketing automation, you can completely automate your emails and that will allow your business to reach out to more audiences and generate more qualified leads.

The success of email marketing depends on the way an email is created and it must be sent at the right time. If your store is going to offer a 50% sale on Christmas, you must start sending emails with loads of Christmas stuff before Christmas. HubSpot is among the top marketing automation tools. It allows you to create attractive and beautiful emails without the need to type codes. You will be able to send the right emails, to the right leads at the right time.

Analyzing the performance of emails has also been made easy. Every designed campaign and email can be associated with targets so that you can analyze if your emails are working as expected or not. The best thing about this tool is that you don’t have to add new contacts manually to your database. They will be added automatically to your list.

2 – Customizable Workflow

The more personalized email you send to your audience more will be the chances of lead conversion. HubSpot marketing automation helps you in creating targeted workflows without any effort. Every contact in your database will receive personalized information and required attention.

The visual editor is a plus point. It doesn’t matter if you are designing a simple workflow or complex workflow with multiple stages, a visual editor will make it very easy to give great visualization to your emails.

HubSpot marketing automation also provides advanced segmentation features. It means that you will be able to see which contact was added to your workflow at what time. This feature is very important as you will be able to send personalized emails. The personalization will be made according to the data available regarding that contact in CRM.

3 – Further Automation of Tasks 

This process also lets you automate multiple processes along with emails. Many of the tasks that have to be done along with emails like setting up the webhooks, score leads, and rotate leads to sales. The management of bulk data in CRM has been made simple.

Notifications will be sent to your sales team automatically to reach out to a customer whenever a contact takes an action that can lead to a sales conversion.

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