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Why not pick up the SVAKOM Elva?

It comes from a quality brand, and it’s affordable (for its price tag). It’s a vibrating love egg that offers much for true sexual explorers.

It’s what you need to take your sex life to the next level.

And today, we’ll breakdown that toy. So let’s start off with some of its credentials…

An Award Winner

The SVAKOM Elva is a 2017 winner of the IF Design award. And it achieved the award by being a top-seller on

If you didn’t know, the IF Award is given for creative product design that speaks to user needs.

This is an award periodically given to large brands. And finding one means you’re on the road to excellent consumer experience!

More on SVAKOM

What makes this brand special is its experience.

SVAKOM has been around since 2012. And its vibrating love egg isn’t the first toy to win an IF Design Award.

It has had other winners too – as far back as 2014.

But what makes this toy special is the number of features it has. This toy is packed with upgrades that make sex toy use wonderful.

To give you a few examples

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Safe Design

Many sex toys are designed in a manner that ignores user-safety.

They’re either too hard outside, making them harsh on genital tissue. Or, they’re too hard to grip, due to their size.

But this vibrating egg takes care of those issues. And it does so by providing…

Thick Silicone Padding

The Elva doesn’t have a metal or ABS plastic outer-coating. It’s designed from ultra-soft silicone.

That material is easy to use with lubrication. Plus, you won’t experience any kind of friction when inserting this toy.

It’s comfortable and painless!


This toy is IPX6 rated.

This is a waterproof rating. It signifies that the toy can resist strong jets of water without damage or wear.

And this means that the Elva can take abuse while lasting long.

Plus, you can thoroughly clean the toy without fearing for the internal electronics, or peeling away the silicone layer!

Pull String

Vibrating eggs are designed to fit entirely inside a vagina. Yet, many of them lack a pull string for a proper grip.

After all, how do you pull out the toy after you’re done?

Thankfully, the toy has a pull-string safety mechanism. It ensures you avoid an embarrassing situation with a toy stuck inside you!


This is a remote control vibrating egg. And the remote gives you many adjustment options…

Specifically, it lets you toggle through 26 different vibration frequencies. Through them, you can control the pace of the toy, and its power.

It’s one of the main features of SVAKOM toys. And that is, they let you mimic the experience of sex as much as possible!

It’s Quiet Too

Most sex toys are loud. They can reach up to 80 decibels, which is enough to mimic a fast-spinning fan.

But the Elva’s quiet. It’s lower than 50 decibels. So you’d have to be within a few meters to briefly hear the toy’s hum!

Convenient Energy

Most remote control love eggs use replaceable AAA batteries – but the Elva doesn’t.

It’s rechargeable, which allows for cordless use at home or outdoors.

Not to mention, it has a quick recharging time (1 ½ hour) and a long continuous usage time (2 ½ hours).

You can use this toy for long sessions. And you’ll only need to recharge it once in a while (possibly every week or two)!

Should You Get It?

If you like quality and endless experimentation, this toy is for you.

But do note, the Elva is an expensive toy (costing $89). But that’s the price to pay for high quality and award-winning sex toy!

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