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It doesn’t matter what the building is, you need a roof over your head to keep the weather out. In fact, in some buildings a roof does more than stop wind, rain, and even sun, getting into your home, it also helps to give the walls strength and hold the house together.

There is no doubt that a roof is an important part of your structure. But, all roofs wear out over time, you need to be aware of what materials are on your roof, how best to maintain them, and when it’s better to replace them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best roofing for carport kits, or to redo the entire roof of your home, you need to look after it. It’s a more complicated structure than it looks.

But, on every roof you look at it’s a good idea to have a water-resistant cover underneath the roofing finish, this will stop water ingress even if the roof starts to leak. Of course, it doesn’t stop you need to repair or maintain your roof.

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This is commonly used on flat roofs and forms a complete surface that directs the water away from the roof. In fact, it’s not completely flat, an asphalt roof will have a slight slope to direct the water away from the building.

This is not usually applied to angled roofs. It will need regular inspection, maintenance, and repair. You’ll probably need to replace it every 10 years.


Interestingly this is used on the side of homes but rarely on the top. It is part of a roof structure as the wood makes up the trusses and joists, as well as potentially creating a surface for the roofing material to stick to.

However, by itself it will expand and contract, creating gaps for water ingress!


Slate or other types of tiles are the most common option for house roofs. These will be attached to the wood frame. There are different attachment methods depending on which type of tile you’re using and the angle of the roof.

Putting these on your roof is a time-consuming job but, it is easier to repair small sections and less likely to leak if you suffer one or two slates going missing in bad weather.


Metal is a cheaper alternative that can be fitted very quickly to any home. You’ll need to have a good level of insulation inside the roof to prevent the weather noise from disturbing you inside your home.

Metal also ages very quickly if it becomes damaged, that’s why it is very important to inspect it regularly and repair any damaged bits. This is also why you need to choose stainless steel or a metal panel that has been properly coated and treated.

On the plus side, it is very easy to fix to your roof and, if looked after, can last for 50 years or more. In fact, if you wish to invest a little more you can actually have the metal made into shingles, giving you the effect of a traditional slate roof but made from metal. It gives a stunning and unique look.

Extra Thoughts

Before you dive into replacing your roof it is worth having a look at what other houses in your area have. Anything radically different may need planning permission, and you may want to alert your neighbors beforehand!

This is more than just a little courtesy, it can actually help the application get through planning and give you the roofing material you want. Don’t forget, the roof protects your home from the elements, any material that does this can be used, all you need is a little imagination.

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