Are you also a hip-hop maniac and looking for websites like WorldStarHipHop to watch exciting videos? You’re at the right place. In this article, we will talk about some of the WorldstarHipHop alternatives you can easily access. WorldstarHipHop is a very famous website and common destination for hip hop lovers. It was developed in 2005 and is quite popular among teenagers. It was voted for consecutively 3 years as the “top hip hop and urban culture website” by BET. It contains videos from all over the world and from real incidents to funny and weird videos. It is a complete package of entertainment. Now without wasting any time let’s discuss the great WorldstarHipHop alternatives.

Best Websites Like WorldstarHipHop in 2021

It’s always said why to settle for just one when you can enjoy other options too. Though WorldstarHipHop is a great website other websites are also noteworthy and have many things which are not present in WorldstarHipHop. So let’s get started.

1. AllHipHop

If you’re a gossip girl type and love spicy gossips then it is the best alternative to WorldstarHipHop for you. It provides the latest and spicy news and gossips from the hip-hop world. It is more about the latest news and life of hip-hoppers.

Many of the prime publications like CNN, XXL, Complex, The Source, New York Post, New York Daily News, etc. get their content from AllHipHop. It is a reliable site and keeps on improving and provides good quality content.


Poppin!Media is a popular website especially for the funny content it offers. It is a great substitute for Worldstar Hip Hop and will satisfy you with its content regarding the lifestyle and information of hip hop dancers.

Here you can look for both the headlines and music related to the hip hop world. It only has a little drawback of lagging once in a while but its content makes it worthwhile.

3. XXLMag

This site is more like an online journal but is full of material related to hip hop. It provides critiques and discussions regarding the culture, style of living, and information like this related to the hip hop dancers and their music.

If you’re a fan of reading magazines then it’s an excellent choice and you won’t require a magazine anymore and will be able to find a lot of stuff here. It has a user-friendly and simple interface.



This website has grown a lot of popularity and to be frank more than Worldstar Hip Hop with its extensive data. It’s a one-stop destination for the latest info, Exclusives, Lists, Music, and Breaking News related to the hip hop world. They have an extensive collection of videos. It has a very interesting and different interface and even keeps its social media updated.

5. HipHop DX

It is a must-try website like Worldstar Hip Hop which offers you loads of gossips, interviews, album reviews, and every info of hip hop universe. The most prominent feature of this website is its real-time status of the mixtape which keeps it updated 24/7.

Though it lacks on the funny side those looking for continuous updates of hip hop universe will undoubtedly love this. It is the best website when it comes to giving information related to the culture of the hip hop world.


The focal point of this website lies in music. It primarily covers stuff related to music such as music streaming, upcoming releases, reviewing of albums, and other updates related to music. It flashes the hip hop artists’ talents based on their popularity like “This week top charts” and “this month top charts”.

On this website, even you can contribute your reviews regarding these and could let everybody read your opinions. It is sponsored by well-reputed TV networks such as VH1 and MTV.

7. Boo Boom TV

You can’t miss out on this website if you’re looking for websites like WorldStarHipHop. It is incompatible in terms of its content and features. It provides an absolute balance of Hip Hop and hilarity.

It presents the content in a comprehensive and practical approach. It offers humorous videos, videos of hip hop artists’ style of living and their daily life, interviews of famous artists, and whatnot.


It is an unmissable option of websites like WorldStarHipHop if you truly are a hip-hop maniac. It offers you all the content you would want as a hip-hop fan from the latest releases to the upcoming ones.

It has created a remarkable platform for the hip hop universe by giving both the new and the famous artists equal publicity and chances. Its prominent feature is that you can put up your link and connect globally with people.


Warning: People with a weak heart should not try this. Just kidding! But this site is popular for its uncensored and spicy content. On this site, you can find anything from fights to contemptible crimes and all the hot gossips of the hip-hop industry. It gets updated regularly keeping you entertained continuously.


How can we miss out on this one when discussing websites like WorldStarHipHop which comes with a ton of features, many of which are not even present in Worldstar Hip Hop itself.

It encompasses every interview, music video, movie, updates, etc. related to the world of hip hop. “For indies across the globe” is the tag of this website. It focuses mainly on hip-hop content but you can find content related to other genres too.

Top 16 WSHH Alternatives Sites

Numerous alternatives are available for Worldstar which you can try. Many of these even contain features that are absent from Worldstar and are so engrossing that you can simply spree watch videos for hours without getting bored. Here are enlisted some of the websites like WorldStarHipHop so get started and try these out.

  1. AllHipHop
  2. Poppin!Media
  3. XXLMag
  4. VladTV
  5. Hip-hop
  6. Datpiff
  7. BooBoomTV
  8. Vlare
  9. Sohh
  10. SoulCentralTV
  11. Hotnewhiphop
  12. Linkuptv
  13. DrakeTube
  14. LiveLeak
  15. EveryoneLovesHiphop
  16. Dtube

Final Words

If you are a hip-hop fan then don’t worry as these sites will never let boredom get near you. These sites have hip hop as their core and each one has some different features and styles to offer. So we hope these websites will feed your inner hip hop lover.

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