It’s time to see if Glenn Beck is willing to put principle before profit. His recent comments on his Fox News “Glenn Beck Program” claim that his viewers should not “do a Google Search” because “Google is in pretty deeply in bed with the government” may be the moment when Glenn Beck jumped the shark.

Okay, if we accept Glenn Beck at his word and accept his claim that using Google is the same as enabling the Obama Administration/government’s anti-freedom agenda, shouldn’t he be willing to stop using anything related to Google? Shouldn’t any and all of his Beckian acolytes do the same? Let us examine what stopping use of any Google product means in practical terms.

According to, their product list, in addition to their highly-regarded search engine, consists of:

  • E-mail alerts
  • Blog search
  • Books
  • Checkout
  • Google Chrome
  • Custom search
  • Desktop
  • Directory
  • Earth
  • Finance
  • Google Health
  • iGoogle
  • Images
  • Maps
  • News
  • Patent Search
  • Product Search
  • Real-time
  • Scholar
  • Toolbar
  • Trends
  • Videos
  • Web search
  • Web Search Features
  • Code
  • Labs
  • Blogger
  • Calendar
  • Docs
  • Groups
  • Knol
  • Google Mail (Gmail)
  • Orkut
  • Panoramio
  • Picasa
  • Picnik
  • Reader
  • Sites
  • SketchUp
  • Talk
  • Translate
  • Voice
  • YouTube
  • Mobile Apps, Maps for Mobile, Search for Mobile

Many of these can be downloaded in a free combo pack.

Glenn Beck’s website, “The Blaze,” is monetized for Google AdSense and just two weeks ago, he was gloating over how viewers of his show helped spike the Google Hot Trends listing for “caliphate.”

Now, if his viewers took him at his word for everything he said, we should expect that everyone would take the following steps:

  • Cancel all AdSense accounts immediately.
  • Stop participating on any website or blog that contains Google Ads.
  • Cancel all YouTube accounts, stop watching any videos uploaded to YouTube, and not patronize any website or blog that uses YouTube videos, regardless of content
  • Writers should stop using Google Hot Trends to find out what topics are popular
  • Stop participating on any website that is indexed using Google search and not uses any website that would show up on a Google SERP.
  • Do not use Gmail and stop receiving any e-mail from persons or companies using Google mail.
  • Stop using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome because they all allow use of the Google toolbar

This is just a little bit of what it means to stop using Google because it is “pretty deeply in bed with the government.” That’s one way you could go.

Or, like most people, you can stop accepting everything that comes out of the man’s mouth as Gospel and stop buying into his crazy, inane conspiracy theories about everything that is happening in the world. That includes parroting his talking points.

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