With more small businesses being founded in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, online businesses are booming. People who perhaps lost their jobs during the crisis have set up stores or other businesses online. Some people have put their experience to help others by becoming online tutors, trainers, or consultants. Even accountants and lawyers see the benefits of video appointments.

When it comes to digital marketing – and indeed physical marketing – there are many aspects that need to be considered. Social media is a powerful marketing tool, for example, and a great way of getting your brand out there.

Indeed, it’s branding that we want to talk about in this article about white label business opportunities. What do we mean by the white label? Let’s begin with an explanation of what white label products are.

What is White Label All About? 

Put simply; white labels are those that are made by a manufacturer but sold under a different brand name. Examples include electrical devices that are mass-produced in China and sold across the world under different brand names.

A relatable example of white label products can be found in your local supermarket. Look for their budget range of ‘own name’ canned foods. They are not made or canned by the supermarket. They will be the same as one of the branded products and have simply been labeled with the store’s brand.

White label products are all around us. Do you give out corporate gifts, small items such as pens and keyrings? You buy them from a business that has perhaps had them made cheaply and then adds your brand name. You’re already using white label products! Why are we so keen to explain how white labels can help your business? Let’s move on and talk about the benefits by using a specific example.

Why You Should Use White Label Products

The importance of brand awareness and loyalty cannot be too heavily stressed in these days of demanding consumers. Consistency of your brand is important. This means that all aspects of your business visible to clients or potential clients should carry your brand name.

There are some areas of the business where this may be overlooked. Let’s assume you are an online tutor who runs one-to-one and class virtual sessions. One of the essential tools you should have is a digital automated booking and scheduling system. They work as follows: the client logs into a cloud-based calendar, books a convenient slot, and you get a notification of the time they have chosen.

Now, consider this: that online booking system has more than likely been bought – or may even be a free version – from the software company who developed it. It will therefore carry their brand name when your clients log into it to book a slot. Effectively, you are advertising that business for free every time one of your customers logs on.

Not only is that something you don’t want to do, but it doesn’t look good. You want your brand to be visible when your clients use the booking system. That’s why you should pay a little more and purchase the white label edition.

Having your brand on something as simple as a booking tool looks more professional and engenders further trust in your customers. This doesn’t apply only to booking systems, but to every online tool you use and every product you sell or give away. A white label helps build trust in your brand and is a cheap way of enhancing awareness. So, now we know that white-label services and products are important, let’s sum up and reach a conclusion.

White Label Solutions

Any promotion tool is worth the investment, and the simplicity of white label solutions means that this is an area you should be investing in. Just about every software solution or package you come across will be available in a white label version, and it is worth paying that little extra for the license to ensure your brand is consistent across all mediums you use online and in the flesh.

We hope our explanation has been adequate and that you take away inspiration from this article, so check out white label business opportunities and see how they can help you with brand exposure.

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