Twitter is not a kid’s task, and becoming famous on Twitter is even harder. It takes a lot to build a Twitter profile; a normal person grows from the followers gained day-by-day. Gaining followers on Twitter is not an overnight thing; it takes lots of thought, posts, and other things. And analyzing the Twitter users when they unfollow, can help you grow even better. Here in this article, you will get to know who unfollowed me on Twitter, from which you can understand and estimate what kind of content they are looking for from your profile. You can also relate this theory to when and why people unfollow you.

Tracking followers and unfollowers is nowadays a common thing to internet users. Being active on the internet can help you track un-followers, followers, what time they come, and what time they go. Let’s take a dive into this article.

How To Know Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter?

Multiple options can help you in knowing who unfollowed you on Twitter. But we have figured out the easy ones for you so that this hectic process can be a time-saver for you.

1. Who Unfollowed Me

Using Who Unfollowed Me, a user can track each gain or lost follow for any of the Twitter accounts. To start using Who Unfollowed Me, a user only requires access to a web browser and the login details of Twitter. After successfully log-in into the Twitter account, the user will be redirected to a page that will show all recent statistics. However, this data should be full of zeros since the user has just started using Who Unfollowed Me.

When the user returns to Who Unfollowed Me after some time, the minimum time can be 14 minutes later; the user can check followed or unfollowed counts. The Most Recent section shows the data since the user’s last visit to Who Unfollowed Me, and the Last 30 Days section shows the user’s data within the past up-to-30 days.

From the same website, a user can also keep a check on who are the new followers, can check who unfollowed and the ones who are not following you back. This website does all the work it promises. This website is easy to use and can be a good tool for new influencers. It helps in taking a quick look at followers count, unfollowers count and the new users count.

2. UnfollowerStats

UnfollowerStats is another web application that a user can use to check who unfollowed them. A user can also download the application from the Apple App Store, in case a user wants to keep a check on the Twitter profile growth from the mobile phone.

The website is free for users, however, with a minimum charge of $4.99 per month. The paid version comes with some additional features and an ad-free user interface. To utilize the platform, a user must sign in with Twitter details. After the sign-in, go to the control board on the screen’s topside to check who unfollowed. This is an excellent option to know who unfollowed me on Twitter and very easy to use also.

3. Directly From Twitter

This option is a manual option but can help you without spending a penny. You can directly go to the Twitter application from your phone or your desktop and open your profile. The day you started that you can’t remember the followers’ names, you can copy-paste the names to your phone notes. But this thing needs to be done regularly as if the followers are coming in a great number; then this could be a hectic thing for your evening.

Otherwise, if you don’t want to keep a note of all this, you can take a screenshot to keep a record. Obviously, this method can’t be a good alternative to the above ones. As if the followers and unfollowers are in big numbers, then this method can be leggy.

Unfollowed? Yes, Disappointment? No

There could be ‘n’ number of reasons for unfollowing you, but you should not turn this unfollowing thing into a disappointment. In today’s world, people can get motivated with your thoughts, or posts, or whatever you post on the internet, but they can also get disappointed or have different thoughts from you by a single post only. They can get attracted towards other stuff very suddenly. But this should not be a reason for your disappointment.

What you can do is, you can get motivated by why they are following, you can find out the reasons. And if the reason is your content, you can obviously work upon your content, and try to rebuild your profile from nil. This could be a great journey for you, and this also helps you learn some life lessons.

If this article helps you in any sense, let us know in the comment section, and if there is any problem related to the methods above, let us know that we will be happy to help you.

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