In recent years, more and more authors have tried to describe the perfect entrepreneur. You can’t just combine 30% passion, 15% confidence, and 55% vision to get a successful entrepreneur because, in life, things are often more complicated. In addition, unfortunately, these “magic ingredients” can not be bought, but still have the advantage that they can be acquired, for the most part. Here are 12 qualities that are very important for an entrepreneur, so you can make an idea about this and about what you need.

1. Vision

The first and perhaps the most important quality of an entrepreneur is that of being a visionary. It is important to note that a visionary entrepreneur is not a magician with a crystal globe who has “visions” about everything: in general, his vision is focused on his business plan and the activity he carries out. In entrepreneurship, the vision is rather the ability to see things shortly before the others.

2. Intelligence and creativity

A successful entrepreneur is the one who is not necessarily intelligent in the standard understanding of the word, nor the one who had the best grades in school, but the one with the highest level of emotional intelligence, because that will be the most appropriate leader, so he can better lead his team to business success.

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3. Knowledge of the field of activity

Do not open a business in the field of diamond processing if you do not know what a diamond looks like. Starting a business in an area you don’t know at all would be a real paradox. Try to choose an area in which to have a minimum experience gained either through the professional activity carried out so far, through a part-time job or at least through an internship or voluntary activities. It can start from one of your relaxing hobbies, like online gaming.

It can be about video games or even online casino games, depending on your liking. For example, you can start a business about online casino games, like the ones you find on Gametwist. If your hobby is playing such games, you can produce your own platform with various slot games, cards or roulette, using good quality graphics and sounds. They are easy to play, and they are found enjoyable by many people so that it could be a good start. Casino entrepreneurs always come up with different ideas and technologies in order to make their business grow.

Face recognition is more and more applied when it comes to casinos, not to mention that not only the security is tightened by technology, but the gameplay is enhanced as well. New slot machines, where you can enjoy the panoramic wide-screen cinematic gaming experience, with massive on-screen touch interactivity and high-end 3D graphics, all of this contained in a virtual reality gaming system. The entrepreneurs know their business and know how to make it bloom as long as they analyze their field of work.

4. Perseverance and determination

Especially at the beginning of the road, when the obstacles are higher, mistakes are more frequent (due to lack of experience), and the tendency to give up is sometimes huge (especially since the stakes don’t seem very important if it is a typical start-up, which develops organically). Do not give up only when you can say, with utmost sincerity, that you have done “everything that could be done”. Obviously, determination does not mean that you should not listen to anything that others, collaborators, consultants or, investors will tell you. Determination means moving on to meeting the company’s objectives using the most appropriate methods.

5. Charisma and persuasion

A charismatic entrepreneur is the one who captivates you when he talks to you about his business because he puts passion because he knows what he is talking about because he has a vision. In terms of persuasion, things are simpler here: the best entrepreneurs succeed in convincing others (employees, partners), through persuasion, that their business is a successful business and that they deserve their efforts and support.

6. Responsibility

Entrepreneurs are people who have to show a lot of responsibility. Unlike those who are not entrepreneurs, they are responsible not only for their own person and their family but for all those involved, directly or indirectly, in the business that an entrepreneur develops.

7. Decision-maker (to be a person who makes decisions quickly and efficiently)

Perhaps the most important thing a day-to-day entrepreneur does is to make the right decisions quickly. There are people waiting for these decisions, both those from sales, as well as those from acquisitions, from financial, from production. Sometimes, delaying a decision can mean losing an opportunity.

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8. Problem-solver

One of the definitions of the entrepreneur is “that person who looks at a problem and sees it as an opportunity, and then acts on it”. A good entrepreneur comes not to present problems, but solutions. He does not use the expression “we have a problem”, but always says, “I think we can find a solution” or “we have a solution” or even “here’s an opportunity”.

9. Positive thinking

In the entrepreneurial activity, they have nothing to do with pessimists, negativists, nihilists, or any such human species that have a negative thought. If you can’t think positive, you can’t be a good entrepreneur. It is a basic rule, and if a person with a negative or pessimistic personality is interested in becoming an entrepreneur, it is good to “leave at the door” these characteristics and to embrace from the beginning one of the most important entrepreneurial qualities, that of positive thinking.

10. Passion for your own business

Every valuable entrepreneur is passionate about what he does in his daily work! In fact, this is a self-test that every entrepreneur should do: Are you really passionate about the activity you do as entrepreneurs? If the answer is “no” or even “I don’t know” and you are in the start-up phase of an entrepreneurial business, I think you should think twice before continuing, because an initial entrepreneurial development (start-up) which is not based on passion, has very little chance of success.

11. Personal ethics

A valuable entrepreneur never violates ethical principles in business or personal life. In a way, as soon as you start to misunderstand, lie, play incorrectly, even if apparently the business could go on very well, in reality, you are already on a downward slope because as the lie has short legs, the lack of ethics cannot go much further. Essentially, even if you convince others, you cannot fool yourself, and you will know that you are not a success, but just a “failure disguised as success”.

12. Trust in people

You cannot achieve a sustainable and scalable entrepreneurial construction without relying on a very simple and clear concept, called “delegation”. If you want your business to grow beyond the level at which you could develop it, by yourself, you need to start delegating all kinds of important activities and decisions, with an impact on business results. And in order to be able to delegate these decisions and prerogatives, you must be able to trust people.


An entrepreneur is, first of all, a man with a series of attributes and qualities but also with the possibility of continuous personal development. The qualities and attributes that were presented above are not a guarantee of entrepreneurial success, but they can create its premises, positively influencing the speed of reaction and the quality of decisions at key moments in the development of its business. Many, if not all, of the qualities that are considered important, can be trained or educated, not being genetically predetermined or otherwise.

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