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It may seem like the dust of King’s Landing has barely settled and viewers are still searching back through any clues that could have led us to figure out whether the ending of this epic series was foreshadowed at any point – but it’s been two months since Game of Thrones ended, and some fans of the show feel short-changed. Having had no new episodes in 2018, the six offerings in Season 8 haven’t been enough to truly engage properly with the franchise. So, as fans go back to re-watch the series, how can we keep the flames of Westeros burning and continue to engage with a franchise we are not yet ready to send beyond the wall?

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‘Games’ of Thrones

One of the best ways of truly getting under the skin of a franchise is by putting yourselves in the shoes of those who live within that world: through gaming. There are a plethora of games available. For instance, the Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming MMO game requires players to use strategy as you focus on the supremacy elements of the franchise. Moreover, as Aspers online casino shows with its Game of Thrones slot, it has been able to take the essence of the show and combine it with traditional slot gameplay. By using audio and visual cues that reflect the theme of the show, the slot appeals to Game of Thrones fans looking to relive the series.

The Spin-Off

The spin-off prequel of Game of Thrones has been one of the worst kept secrets, with several ideas floated about – some taking place in the canon established by the series and some diving into the reference material George RR Martin used while he wrote the books. The spin-off is largely accepted to be released in 2020, with filming being underway in the Canary Islands and Northern Ireland (where the original series was shot). While no material is likely to be leaked just yet, the anticipation of the series could help stave off the lack of Game of Thrones content. Indeed, it could even inspire avid fans to deep dive into Martin’s extra material in order to try to suss out what the show – tentatively titled Bloodmoon – could be about.

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Read the Books

There were considerably fewer people who had read the books, released in the 1990s before the first season blazed onto HBO in 2011. But, as the popularity grew, so did the bookworms, and the series has been in the bestseller lists and been reprinted and published time and again. So, one way to get back into the series is to read the books from the beginning. This could be especially useful given how at some point, the books and TV show began to diverge. So, if you haven’t yet indulged in the books, you may be surprised that some characters don’t die and others don’t live as they did in the show.

Game of Thrones was an example of a TV phenomenon that doesn’t come around too often, so when it does, it makes sense that fans try to grasp as much of it as they possibly can. While the prequel is busy being made, there are many other ways to get engaged with the series and satiate your need for all things Westeros.

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