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You’ve arranged for a basic Oakville basement finishing and the start date is fast approaching. At present, you’ve not decided exactly how you will use the space. Even if you’re still kicking around ideas, there are some elements to add to the project that will come in handy. By having the work done now, the basement will be ready for just about any purpose you ultimately choose. Make sure these four elements are included and the basement will serve you well.

More Outlets and Light Fixtures

Do consider the idea of enhancing the overhead lighting throughout the basement. This can be done by installing one overhead light in the middle and possibly one each in the outlying four quadrants of the space. Have a dimmer switch that allows you to use one or all of the overhead lights at any given time.

You also want to add more outlets to space. Since you don’t know how you will end up using the basement, make sure you have at least two on each wall. Space them out so that there’s always one within six or eight feet. Whether space ends up being a bedroom, den, or a game room, an outlet will always be close to where you need one.

An Improved Plumbing System

Better plumbing is a good idea too. Do think about installing a sink and possibly run a line that will accommodate an ice maker in a small refrigerator. You may even consider placing a wet bar or a kitchenette along one wall. This is great if there’s a chance that you might use the space as a guest suite or a place for the family to gather for games or to watch movies.

A Full Bath

It’s hard to go wrong with installing a full bath in the basement. No matter how you end up using the space, having another bathroom is bound to be a good thing. Consider a basic lavatory, toilet, and shower design that doesn’t take up much space. That will still leave plenty of room that can be used for other purposes.

Think of how nice it would be for weekend guests to have their own suite in the basement and to have access to a bathroom for their use. Even if you decide to place a home office in the basement, having a bathroom nearby rather than having to run up the stairs is a good thing.

Permanent Shelving or Cabinetry

Do consider installing shelving or cabinetry along one wall. It can be used for storage, displaying collections, and in general adding visual interest to space. Many Mississauga basements do include at least some built-in shelves that can be put to good use. From using the space as a craft room to organizing toys and video games in a family room, you can’t go wrong.

Do use the finishing time to add some key features to the basement. Make them versatile enough that they will be useful no matter how you decide to utilize the space. In the long run, you’ll be glad that you did.

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