5 Apps to Help you Enhance your Instagram Posts Conversion Rate!


Instagram is a prominent social media platform and receives almost 92 billion likes every single day. It is the fastest growing social media network. 71% of businesses in the United States are utilizing the potential of Social Media platforms to market their products online. By now, you must have understood what importance does Instagram holds for businesses. In order to capitalize on the opportunities available over the social media platforms, one needs to improve the engagement rate onto your Instagram posts.

Every day 95 million pictures and videos are being shared on Instagram. If your content is not able to latch on the audience then surely they will scroll right past it without engaging. In order to achieve a higher conversion rate, you need to present yourself in the most creative manner. Well, I can clearly understand the fact that it is tough to stand out when almost everyone is using the same features and tactics. Everyone is utilizing the same Instagram filters so you can’t expect to stand out by just utilizing them. In order to create a separate identity for your brand, you have to play with different tools. Gaining a competitive edge is necessary if you want to observe a significant change in your conversion rate. In order to do so, you require a few tools to stand out.

We have gathered a list of apps which can help you gain a higher engagement rate which will lead you to high conversion rate.


The growing trend of GIF’s has made Giphy cam hottest thing for social media platforms. The app is available for Android as well as Apple users. GIFs are new cool in the world of the pictures. Well, not every phone provides the feature of creating a GIF directly. But with GIPHY in it, you can create your very own collection of GIFs. It allows you to add text and filters to GIFs which holds the capability of making your Instagram stories all the more happening and interactive. As GIF is not a readily available feature to all the Instagram users so, it kind of provides you with a competitive edge.

GIPHY has several apps to help you with GIFs:

  • GIPHY Sticker Embed
  • GIPHY World

All Hashtag:

Instagram is not only about photos and videos, but also about the nice definitive yet concise captions. One also has to entice the potential audience through catchy and captivating hashtags and captions. All hashtag help you in amplifying your product or brand’s exposure. They help in boosting your content through the news feed and push the rankings of your blog on Instagram. And this is not only it. It also allows you to analyze the stats so that you can easily top the relevant hashtags for the social media channels. You can generate hundreds of hashtags through “All hashtag” for your social media postings.


Can’t think of anything catchy to create a hashtag? Well, AutoHash has got your back on this one. It has a very unconventional way of getting you a unique hashtag for every post, whether it be a photo, video, or GIF you want to put up on Instagram. You don’t have to provide it with any keyword or something all you have to do is provide it with the image you want to post on your Instagram. It will scan through your photo and will suggest your creative hashtags.

Last night I was just checking Autohash, I uploaded a photo of internet provider packages, and it provided me with several hashtags which were totally relatable. Cool right?

Perfect video:

If you’re not a tech-friendly person, then Perfect video is a lifesaver for you. It provides all the features of high-quality software. It serves the ultimate goals of savagery and is best for the people who don’t know the first things about video editing. It saves you from spending loads on expensive video software. Although Instagram also provides a few video editing features. But it certainly will limit your ability to edit the video. Whereas Perfect video, on the other hand, allows you to trim and merge the clips the way you want. You can add subtitles etc. to provide better understandability.


Quik is another video editing app available on Android as well as iOS. The specialty of this tool is that it was created by GoPro. If you’re already utilizing GoPro to film the content for your Instagram posts, then this app is the perfect fit for you. The app allows easy importing of videos, whether from your phone’s gallery, Dropbox, or Google Photos.

The best feature of Quick is the easy smart cutting of the videos. Smart cutting is highly important for 30 second Instagram videos. Other than that the app is smart enough to detect the faces. All the images, videos, and clips will get framed automatically, whereas if you don’t want to avail this feature, you can crop the content manually yourself.

All the above-discussed apps have a direct effect on the engagement rate. If your content is well presented or has a unique essence to it, it will definitely catch the attention of several eyeballs. I’d recommend you to make use of these tools, and you’ll observe a significant difference in your engagement and conversion rate.

Author Bio: Saira A is a content strategist at Spectrum Voice and has keen interest in technology and sports. She absolutely enjoys educating people out of her experience. She is constantly writing to enable her readers to achieve their set goals in SEO, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, PPC, SMM and Affiliate Marketing.

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