Have you recently earned a master’s degree in criminal justice? Well, it’s time to delve into the world of exciting employment opportunities, such as becoming a criminologist, forensic psychologist, district attorney, forensic examiner, criminal profiler, etc.

The largest part of these occupations allows individuals to acquire a leadership role and assist criminal investigations. Given the pressure and responsibilities of these occupations, it’s no wonder the salaries are competitive.

Have a look at five rewarding jobs to pursue with an online MA in criminal justice.

Forensic psychologist

One of the most attractive professions to consider after earning a master’s in criminal justice is the job of a forensic psychologist. These psychologists do no profiling but perform psychological evaluations on convicted criminals. Their role is to assess and evaluate the mental health of offenders, as well as provide treatments to improve their condition.

Based on their evaluations, forensic psychologists are capable of determining whether the accused should stand trial or plead insanity. Risk assessment is an indispensable aspect of their occupation, crucial in evaluating one’s mental health and ensuring public safety. Forensic psychologists are often asked to testify in trials in the role of expert witnesses or examining psychologists.

The average pay in this line of work is approximately $77,000. Nevertheless, a variety of factors affect the exact salary, mainly depending on the industry. Individuals with a passion for forensic psychology can apply for an online masters degree in criminal justice and contribute to public safety. Forensic psychologists employed by the government are believed to earn the highest salaries. Till 2026, the demand for this occupation is expected to increase by as many as fourteen percent.


Another job you can pursue with a degree in criminal justice is a criminologist. These professionals are focused on studying crime and discovering its causes for the purpose of assisting law enforcement in catching offenders. In order to come up with recommendations, criminologists rely on disciplines like sociology and psychology for insights.

While focusing on individual crimes, the goal of criminologists is to see how a particular offense fits in the context of modern society. In the course of work, these experts collect information, create reports, and analyze interviews to determine the cause of a crime. Criminologists not only work in the field of law enforcement but also in academia.

Criminal profiler

An exciting occupation one can pursue with a master’s in criminal justice is that of a profiler. The responsibility of these forensic science specialists is to rely on crime scene evidence when creating a profile of a person suspected of committing an offense. Logic and reasoning are the essential techniques profilers use when analyzing the presented evidence.

Additionally, the hypothesis these professionals form based on the crime scene evidence guides investigators in the process of investigation. These hypotheses often include information related to the gender, age, background, education, and potential psychological problems of the suspected person. Such information is invaluable in apprehending the right offender, as well as in the reconstruction of crimes. See this page for a better understanding of criminal profiling.

The assistance of profilers is of the utmost importance in determining whether a crime scene has been tampered with. Also, the job of these experts is to speculate about the potential motivations of delinquents for committing certain offenses. The average pay of criminal profilers is believed to be over $80,000 a year.

District attorney

A district attorney is one of the most lucrative occupations to consider after earning an MA in criminal justice. Apart from investigating an array of crimes, these experts also handle undercover work, as well as provide testimony as expert witnesses.

Furthermore, district attorneys have the right to serve different types of warrants and work closely with other agencies in order to solve particular cases. These professionals can work for different departments on a wide range of special projects. The annual average remuneration for this profession is approximately $120,000 annually.

Forensic examiner

Another attractive profession to pursue with such an MA is the occupation of a forensic examiner. These specialists work in various fields like biological evidence, pathology, media, etc. Their responsibility is to examine crime scene evidence so as to assist detectives in the course of the investigation.

The majority of forensic examiners work in laboratories or as courtroom consultants. Their training and expertise are also required in the private sector by providing their assistance as expert witnesses. Until 2026, the job opportunities for forensic examiners are forecast to increase by a maximum of seventeen percent. Check out the following URL, https://www.thebalancecareers.com/what-it-s-like-to-work-as-a-digital-forensic-examiner-974889, to find out what it’s like to work as a digital forensic examiner.

Final word

Earning such a master’s degree is recommended to anyone wishing to make the world a safer place!

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