There are more slot machines in Las Vegas casinos than any other device. Not only are they the most popular game in Sin City but are extremely popular at online casinos too.

Don’t be fooled by thinking they all look the same. As this guide will show you, some pay out more than others, whilst others pay out more frequently.

Here are some valuable strategies to help you increase your chances of winning on slot machines:

1. Choose the right machine

The choice of a slot machine should depend on several parameters. Try not to choose one based on the graphics of the game. You should be seeking to select your game according to your slot strategy. There is indeed more than one technique for winning at slot machines that this guide will reveal to you.

First, let’s start with some data to take into account in order to choose a slot that will suit your expectations, such as:

  • The Payout Table: It is important to take this data into account to judge whether it is good or not to play on a slot machine. Some players often like to win their games on online slot machines and will therefore have to opt for slots with many paylines.
  • Features: So that your games never generate frustration for you, it is also important to know how to win at the slot machine by studying the features specific to each game. So read the slot description quickly before playing, otherwise, you could find yourself lost in the middle of your session and abandon the game.
  • The Type of Machine: Slot machines with 3 reels reduce the number of combinations and increase your chances of winning. As is the number of symbols on the reels. The more symbols there are, the higher the probability of getting the same symbol 3 or 5 times. For most video machines, you can choose the number of lines you want to play with.

Always choose a machine whose operation and options you understand. The instructions are usually easy to find at the provider, such as Wink Slots, where you are nearly always one click away from being able to find the payout table, features of each game, etc.

2. Choose the right settings

While luck is a big factor in your slots entertainment sessions, you can try to turn the games to your advantage by taking care to consider crucial parameters. And yes, some data at the very heart of the algorithm generating the results can be decrypted. This will allow you to effectively know how to increase your chances of winning at slots.

As you probably know, neither the casino nor you are allowed to have the ability to anticipate the draws of the games. To avoid any attempt at cheating, the publishers of casino games, therefore, set up a complex coding system using an algorithm called RNG (“Random Number Generator”). Thanks to this technology, it is impossible for the house as well as for you to cheat. However, these algorithms are designed taking into account two parameters that will drastically change your chances of winning and the intensity of your victories:

  • The Redistribution Rate: When you play on a slot, part of the investment is redistributed to the players and another part constitutes the casino’s margin. Well, imagine that these figures are public. Indeed, the rate of redistribution or rate of return to the player (generally shortened to TRJ) is a given officially communicated by the manufacturer.

Here’s how the latter works: it determines the percentage of the total sums invested in a given game by the entire user panel, which will be distributed to the various participants in the form of winnings. This figure hovers around 85% to 99%. In the latter case, 99% of the bets invested are returned to the customers: the slot is therefore ultra-profitable …

  • The Level of Volatility: How to win at slot machines at the casino is also influenced by this data. Not all machines allow you to emerge victorious from your games at the same pace. Machines with a high volatility rate will give you the jackpot, but very rarely. Those with an average volatility rate will regularly distribute attractive sums. In contrast, on video slots with a low volatility rate, you receive small amounts very often.

Always choose the highest possible payout rate and a slot that meets your tastes in terms of winnings regularity.

3. Maximize your chances of hitting the jackpot

Most casino game enthusiasts like to turn to machines offering a jackpot.

There are two types of jackpot slots:

  • Those offering a fixed prize pool: Different jackpots can be found here and will be proportional to the stakes you place. Smaller bets will allow you to aim for the lowest jackpot; whilst a maximum investment will open up a path to the super jackpot.
  • Those offering a progressive jackpot: This is a part of all the bets of all the players of all the casinos investing on the same machine as you are, put into a common pot. Randomly, the lucky one can win millions.

What many users don’t realize, however, is that in order to be eligible for these jackpots, you need to wager the maximum allowed. So don’t be fooled and play according to this data now that you know exactly how to win at the slot machine casino!

Always choose to bet the maximum amount if you want to have a chance of hitting the jackpot.

4. Taking the algorithm into account

Slot machines operate using an algorithm as stated previously. The idea is therefore to apprehend it as much as possible. This advice may not sound very encouraging at first glance, but rest assured there are tools that help you identify a slot machine to make money.

Casinos offer different styles of slots, including – as we have seen, the degree of volatility will vary. To win the jackpot, an informed player will advise against playing on a cold machine. And yes, there is the theory of cold or hot slot machines: a cold machine is a machine on which the jackpot will have been won a short time ago, unlike that of the hot machine, for which the jackpot will soon be. to fall.

Some casinos give you directions on this in two different ways:

  • They simply mention the hot machines on the home page: You will find the list of hot slots to favor, and cold ones to avoid.
  • They list the big wins that have recently been generated by citing the machines – so you know these are the games to avoid because statistics suggest they won’t deliver a big win anytime soon …

Finally, our advice in land-based casinos: The machines well placed or rather those in the corner at the back of the room? According to statistics, more jackpots were obtained on visible machines, that all the customers of a casino can tell themselves that the next ones could be them. A disadvantage, but also an advantage with online casinos: this parameter is not taken into account, because the odds are equal but higher.

Always choose hot machines that haven’t given any gains recently.

5. Choose your slot at a casino offering a nice bonus

What could be better than being able to try out free slots using, for example, free spins, or benefit from a generous bonus that will allow you to test the slots with a sum of free money?

Our casino slot machine tip on this subject is simple: take a tour of the casinos and choose the one offering not only games respecting the strategies mentioned so far but also offering a range of promos and bonuses that will optimize your winnings on the games.

Be careful, however, the sum should not be the only criterion to observe. See how many times the bonus amount will have to be replayed before your winnings are available. We advise a maximum of 50 times to keep this tactic interesting.

Always choose a casino according to the offers at stake and their conditions.

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