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What do Nicole Kidman, Lisa Bonet, Keanu Reeves, and Paul Rudd have in common? They are known for defying the effects of aging. Hit up any lists for people that redefine what being in your 50s looks like, and these celebrities are bound to make the cut.

But so-called “good genes” are not the only thing at play behind their picture-perfect looks. A focus on personal wellbeing is what lets them leave the effects of aging behind. With some tried-and-tested strategies, you can also retain your youthful looks and feel more confident within your skin.

From natural remedies to healthy medical procedures, here are five ways to decrease the signs of aging.

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Avoid Sun Exposure

Prolonged exposure to sun rays damages your skin and body proteins such as collagen. This has an adverse effect on your skin, resulting in common signs of aging such as wrinkles and pigmentation.

Be sure to apply a cosmetic or medical-grade SPF sunscreen on a daily basis – even if you aren’t going out. It keeps your skin protected against harmful sun rays and retains your youthful looks for years to come.

Seeking Professional Help

Thanks to the increase in awareness around our wellbeing, the stigma pertaining to cosmetic procedures is slowly fading away. Enhancing your looks to feel empowered is actually encouraged. Most people now understand that looking good is not just important for appearances, but it is essential for your inner strength in many ways.

This is why more and more people are turning to cosmetic procedures, such as Botox, to defy the effects of aging. You can turn to cosmetic treatment centers such as YL Skin Care to easily obtain quality Botox procedures.

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Master Your Routine

Having a proper Skin Care routine is an absolute necessity to defy the signs of aging. Focusing on products that contain antioxidants is particularly important.

Speak to an expert about which antioxidant-containing skincare products best suit your skin type. From here, adopt a daily cleansing, toning, detoxification, and moisturizing routine.

Eat Right

“You are what you eat” applies just as well to decreasing the signs of aging as it does to taking care of your overall health. To retain your younger appearance, it’s important to obtain essential nutrients through your diet.

Try increasing your water intake and substitute soft drinks for green tea. With that, also make sure to eat foods rich in vitamin C. Having healthy snacks, such as yogurt and almonds, also goes a long way.

Avoid Harmful Habits

Eating healthy and undertaking cosmetic procedures don’t do much if you’re still exposing yourself to harmful substances. In order to delay signs of aging, avoid smoking, tanning beds and consuming a large amount of alcohol and junk food.

These habits send out enticing invites to aging effects such as wrinkles. This could be easily avoided by simply steering clear of these harmful practices.

You might have already heard these tips from your dermatologist, your friends, and even your mother. But regardless of how many times they’re repeated, they all remain as important ways to protect your skin from the signs of aging.


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