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Has your bathroom been looking a little worse for wear as of late? Is it just about the last room you want to enter in your house because of how uninspiring it is? While you may not need to have full spa-like experience in the bathroom, having a room that is modern and functional really isn’t too much to ask for. The good news is that this can typically be achieved both with a small budget and a large budget. So, let’s take a look at five ways to update and upgrade your bathroom.

Repair Any Leaks or Plumbing Issues

A great place to start is by making sure all the plumbing is up to par and working properly. Things such as dripping taps or leaking toilets can result in moisture build-up and stagnant water. This can go on to cause water stains, damage, and even attract pests.

Gillies Group, which offers plumbing services, always advises customers not to ignore signs and issues such as these as they can go on to damage more than just your bathroom. They come prepared to every job and offer a 100% guarantee on their repair, as they understand how serious these issues can be.

Change Out the Taps

The next step is to change out the taps on the sink, shower, and tub in order to modernize the space. Just like everything else, tap styles come and go, so what looked great five years ago isn’t exactly modern and stylish today. As long as you are a pretty handy person and have the right tools, this is a job you should be able to do yourself.

A Fresh Coat of Paint Brightens Up the Room

If you’re working with a limited budget and are hoping to get the most bang for your buck, painting the bathroom is the way to go. One can of paint probably be more than enough for a couple of coats, and the entire room will look renewed and refreshed.

In terms of what color to go with, it really depends on the look you’re going for. If you want to create a serene, calming, and spa-like atmosphere, then light neutral colors are best. Then again, maybe you like the idea of a beach theme, or something more natural, in which case choosing soft colors you’d find in nature may make sense.

Lay New Flooring

Flooring can also start to take a beating in the bathroom, as wear and tear can show up a little faster in this room. Laying all new flooring will create a totally different feel in the room, and it gives you a chance to really design a full concept from the new paint color to the new flooring.

Put an Emphasis on Storage Solutions

Finally, you want to be sure there is no clutter lying about that will detract from your lovely new space. What this means is that you need ample storage solutions.

Using each of these tips will make it possible to update and upgrade your bathroom.

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