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There’s nothing quite like a home with rustic energy. You can live in quiet, cozy contentment and enjoy living spaces that feel stripped back yet endlessly charming.

After a turbulent few years of chaos and uncertainty, the appetite for a cozy living has never been stronger among the masses. There’s an innate desire to break away from busy cityscapes and retreat to the natural world, swapping views of generic buildings for rolling fields. From the open air to the feeling of raw connection with the earth, the benefits of country-living are beginning to resonate more powerfully than ever.

Still, you may not have to live in the country to feel this energy for yourself. A rustic-style home can help you feel this energy regardless of where you’re based. But how do you put together such a property? What types of things do you need to keep in mind?

Below you’ll find 6 ideas on what to include in your rustic-style home, so keep reading to find out what they are.

Focus on the Color Scheme 

When it comes to home décor, much of the character you want to exude begins with the color scheme. It doesn’t matter if you throw inexpensive furniture – if it’s all in an eerie black, there’s a strong chance that the rustic undertones you desire will be out of reach.

So, what types of colors should you include for a country mood? Rustic homes are typically an amalgamation of greens, golds, and browns for an earthly feel to space. However, lighter mint greens and sky blues can make strategic appearances and pastel hues if you use them thematically. Whether you go light or dark, try to accentuate a theme of naturalness. That should help to inform the color scheme you implement.

It’s worth thinking about color in a more profound sense also. While there’s certainly value in aesthetics, certain shades can also evoke deeper feelings in the onlooker. For instance, greens are often strongly associated with sensations of harmony, balance, restoration, and peace, among other things. Build character through your color scheme, instead of just treating it as a chance to make your home vaguely pretty.

Showcase the Core of the Property

Rustic homes thrive through a feeling of exposure. The core of their essence is on display, both literally and figuratively.

Try to feature all the exposed stone and brickwork that you can. Wooden beams and panels should also be showcased with pride. If they do look somewhat peculiar standing alone, try not to be overly concerned. Instead, make it all work by decorating around them. Hang pictures, bunting, baskets of flowers, wreaths, or anything else you can think of to make the bones of your property thrive with charm.

Rustic homes can have historic energy at their center. They thrive in appearing old and rickety, so celebrate that side of things by keeping the core of your home on the show. After all, it’s a shame to cover up all the hard work that went into building it with plaster and overbearing wall arts. Instead, let the bones of your property shine through as an inherent feature.

Dress Windows with Charm

It’s not just the bones of your property that should have an extra flare, but your windows can also be spruced up. Fortunately, you have many options to consider here, both outside and inside.

On the outside, you could install cute shutters that open and close at will. They can fit the color scheme of the rest of your property, too, providing more nuances in decoration. You could also strategically place some potted plants around the outside or even meticulously grow a beautiful wisteria to frame the window elegantly.

For the inside, you can install some country blinds that perfectly represent an authentic countryside aesthetic. From modern farmhouse to French countryside, Make My Blinds provide helpful guidance to help you pinpoint the exact look you’re going trying to create. After you feel inspired by your learning, you can make an affordable purchase from the hyperlinked shopping pages in their article. Everything you need is right here.

Rework (or Feature Reworked) Furniture 

Rustic homes give old things a new twist, and this is precisely what you can do with your furniture. Doing this can also make your property more character and unique.

There are many avenues to explore here. For instance, with old furniture, you can:

  • Reupholster: Involves covering the frames of old furniture with brand-new materials.
  • Recycle: Chop away at old wooden chairs and tables and turn them into something new. For instance, you may be able to make a charming wine rack, storage box, or coat rack, depending on how talented you are in the craft.  
  • Strip away old finish: Over time, wooden furniture can turn dark and dour. Sand down the loose varnish or utilize stripping chemicals, then stain the wood in a color of your choosing.

Modern properties often thrive with minimalist tendencies and a feeling of newness. However, rustic homes conversely celebrate an aged aura. Some people turn their homes into portals of the past, and repurposing old furniture can give your home similar energy. Moreover, your efforts here can say something about you; that you appreciate history or that you’re hands-on in maintaining the inherent personality of your home.

If you don’t fancy going through all the effort, that’s valid. Instead, browse flea markets to see if you can’t pick up something exciting and vintage there.

Repurpose Old Items

Rustic homes are creative homes. In addition to reworking your furniture, you can also benefit by repurposing old items.

Some ideas worth contemplating further include:

  • Using empty jars as plant pots.
  • Positioning an old wooden trunk as a coffee table.
  • Turning ladders into shelving units.
  • Arranging paper flowers that you have made yourself (colored paper can bring some variety to these decorations too).

Obviously, there are many more routes to go down here, but the suggestions above should help you get started. Once again, these are all opportunities to get creative with your belongings and infuse your home yet more character. The possibilities in repurposing old items are endless, so search around on the internet or in your loved one’s homes for different ideas. Remember, there’s no such thing as ‘useless junk’ in a rustic home!

Overhaul the Gardens

Your home is more than just what’s inside. After all, it’s the garden areas that mainly serve up the first impression of a property, so they should look suitably rustic also.

Feature old mirrors and small wagons filled with flowers to add some charm to the area. Additionally, you can welcome life into the garden in a rustic fashion with cute birdfeeders and chicken coups. If necessary, paint and design them in the manner you see fit before the animals call them home. Wind chimes may also add plenty of ambiances as well.

Rustic gardens look best when they appear ‘thrown together’ and even somewhat overgrown in places. Don’t shy away from creating something that’s busy, chaotic, and even a little bit mad rather than something that has been meticulously arranged and carefully polished. Once again, you need to double down on raw themes of nature and earthiness – that should come to you easily in a garden area!

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