A bathroom is a place of sanctuary, and transforming your bathroom with a remodel can make it the perfect haven for bathing. Remodeling your bathroom can take a considerable amount of work, however, so here are some tips to get you started.

1: Think About Ventilation

When thinking about remodeling a bathroom, ventilation probably isn’t the first thing to enter your mind. It is, however, vitally important. You don’t want to invest your time and effort into a beautiful new bathroom, only for the ventilation to be subpar and create damp problems. Make sure your vents are not too old and take the time to make sure they work sufficiently.

2: Consider Color

Repainting your bathroom will make a massive difference to the overall feel of the room. Consider what color your bath, sink, and toilet will be, so you don’t choose colors that clash. For a bathroom, generally lighter tones will work best, but it entirely depends on the room itself. Have a look around for paint testers so you can get a good visual of different colors in the space.

3: Figure out Placement

Where will your bath stand? What about the sink? It’s important to measure the space before making any final decisions about where each part of the bathroom will be placed. Think about what you want to be looking at when you’re bathing; if you have a window, maybe you want the natural light to shine on the bath to create a brighter atmosphere when you’re in the tub, or maybe you want the window to create a glowing stream of sunlight into the shower room.

A useful idea would be to take everything out of the room before you measure and decide on placements. If you have items that you can’t store in the house, use a self-storage unit such as storagearea.com, so your free-standing bath can wait safely before moving into the new, beautiful bathroom. Once the room is clear, you will be free to take measurements and sketch out ideas.

4: Choose a Cool Feature

A remodeled bathroom can look fine, but adding in a cool feature can take it from simply decent to fabulous. Maybe you want to add an interesting heated towel rail, or maybe a large house plant in the corner (preferably one that thrives around moisture!). Whatever you choose, make sure it is a pleasant addition to the overall aesthetic of your new bathroom.

5: Fix Plumbing

Plumbing is the most essential part of a bathroom. No matter how it looks, it won’t be a great bathroom without working plumbing. Take the time while you’re remodeling to see any fixes that need attending to. Hiring a professional plumber will come in handy – they will be able to see any problems that you might not. Investing in good plumbing will mean longer periods between having to fix it again, so it is certainly worthwhile.

6: Choose Lighting Wisely

When choosing the lighting for your bathroom, you will want to add layers so that the room’s light is well balanced and bright. Consider spotlights for the shower and maybe a warmer toned wall light for just above the bath. You will want to go for a mixture of ambient light and maybe some accent light if you have a feature you want to be noticed. Lighting can dramatically improve the overall appearance of a bathroom, so it is one that should take some thought.

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