Working with the wrong kitchen contractor could end up being disastrous in many ways. First of all, you could lose your money, but that’s the least of your worries. Your renovations might not be up to code, or you may be working with someone who’s not operating lawfully. This could not only lead to your renovations coming to a screeching halt, but all sorts of legal and liability issues can occur if there’s an incident. This is why you need to take the vetting process extremely seriously and look for red flags early on. Here are some of the signs that a kitchen renovation contractor cannot be trusted.

They Can’t Show Proof of Coverage

If a contractor can’t show you a proof of insurance, don’t work with them. They not only need insurance for themselves but the people who will be working with them as well. If their employees end up getting injured on the job and they aren’t covered, you might be the one that will face the bill. You also don’t want someone else to get injured by them or you might end up facing liability issues.

They Say Yes to Everything

If their answer to everything you ask them is, “sure”, then you might want to think twice about working with them, especially if it’s for something complex. If your entire layout needs to be remodeled, they should at least have a few questions for you.

Expert kitchen designer teams like, for instance, will take the time to sit down with you and listen to your ideas. They’re one of the most respected kitchens Perth renovators and will be able to help you with some of their recommendations as well. They won’t hesitate to tell you if certain kitchen renovations are unrealistic and will come up with alternatives you can use instead.

A good contractor will be honest and won’t be afraid to tell you if they can’t do anything. A bad one will stretch things out along with the costs or might have other people cover for them without telling you.

They Give You Unrealistic Quotes

You also need to think twice about working with someone who gives you uncharacteristically low quotes. This could either mean that they’re lying or that there will be some hidden costs down the line. You want everything to be clear from the get-go and make sure that the price is fixed. You should also know that there are some cases when additional costs might be warranted. If there are any, it should be written into the contract that you have to agree to any reasonable costs that would go towards the completion of the project.

They Demand Too Much Money Upfront

Some contractors will also charge way too much upfront before they start work. This is another red flag. You should never be paying more than 20% upfront or on the first day of work. Anything over that is excessive.

This would also be a good time to discuss payment terms – these have to be made clear, and good contractors will usually offer flexible repayment plans.

They’re Being Vague with Who they’re Working with

If they suddenly act dodgy when you ask them if they’re working with subcontractors or who their employees are, this is another red flag. You want to know exactly who’s going to be on the site at all times. You also want to know who the person in charge will be.

If you don’t do your due diligence, you could end up with people working illegally on your site, which brings back the liability issue we talked about earlier. There’s also the chance for criminal behaviour. Needless to say that it will be especially crucial if you’ll be leaving during the renovations.

They Won’t Talk to You Face to Face

Another sign that a contractor is not for you is if they insist on communicating via the phone only. This is a sign of someone that doesn’t really care about you and will tell you pretty much what you want to hear. There’s only so much that you can discuss over the phone when it comes to a project like a kitchen remodel, so take whatever they tell you with a grain of salt until they actually show up and see the real scope of the work.

They’re Annoyed when You Request Written Contracts

If the person acts irritated every time you need something put down in writing, then this is a bad sign as well. Real contractors don’t rely on verbal agreements only. Everything has to be down on paper and signed before anything moves on.

These are all clear signs that you should stay away from a contractor. It’s important that you take the time to look over every candidate and make sure that they have the reputation, skill, and honesty to get the job done satisfactorily.


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