Taking measures to maintain the drainage system of your house is highly recommended. You have to be careful to avoid drainage problems but even after that, if you still notice any signs, take action immediately rather than leaving it on time, thinking the problem would get sorted itself. What are you expecting to happen down in the drains and within the pipes? Magic? Delaying it will only make it worse and you won’t even be able to work on it yourself and might need help from experts.

However, when the problem has already aggravated and you finally realise that it can no longer be ignored, your experimentation by getting your hands on the drains and pipes when it should instead be the plumber working on those is actually worse; unless you are experienced and trained.

To many, knowing when exactly the plumber needs to be called is a major challenge. in many cases, it’s seemingly obvious. Sometimes, you have to look for signs. We have listed down some signs that indicate that you need to call a professional plumber right away!

Slow Drainage

Slow drainage is mainly because of the blocked drains, that occur due to the build-up of any particles, toothpaste, soap, hair, oil, and grease. The plumbers have special tools to clean the drain of any accumulation, thereby making the drainage flow get back to normal.

Gurgling Sound

If you constantly hear a gurgling sound, know that there is some issue. The sounds are basically because of the air entrapped by blocked drains and low water pressure due to leakage. When you notice any such sounds, stay observant, and notice for a few days. If the problem persists, call the experts for help.

Sewage Odour

The obnoxious odor you have lately started sensing might be coming from anywhere else but your poor drains. Excessive odor indicates that the problem has worsened already and that there is no time to do DIYs. It’s high time to call your plumber immediately!

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Low Water Pressure

You turn your tap on and notice sluggish water flow. It might be the faucet that is faulty. You try the other tap only to experience the same sluggish flow. In the former case, there may be a build-up in the aerator of the faucet, thereby clogging it, If that’s the case, you can work on it by yourself. In the latter one, the problem can be down in the pipes. You would need to call the plumber who would have all the knowledge regarding what is actually causing the poor flow and how to fix it.

Backing Up Of Water

This is an alarming situation. When water doesn’t find space in the drains to pass through, it either starts flowing back or it makes its way to other routes such as the shower. In this situation, the plumber needs to be called quickly.

No Water Coming From The Taps

If water is in the tank but is not making its way to the faucets, where is it going? Probably leaking through the pipes! Your plumber might suggest pipe replacement in that case besides treating the underlying cause.

You Hear Water Running Unnecessarily

If you keep hearing water running through the pipes even when not in use, you must know there is something fishy. If you keep hearing water filling your toilet tank continuously, you better be asking yourself that why wouldn’t the toilet stop running? There is a seal connecting the toilet tank to the bowl. If that seal is broken, it leads to this problem. The water keeps leaking, thus your tank keeps filling itself. In this case, you need to call a professional plumber.

Dampness And Mould

If you notice that your pipes are constantly damp, you should know that they are leaking and would soon burst. If there is a basement in your house and you find it soggy, it might be due to the leaking pipes. The dampness would allow mold to grow. Thus you need to be very vigilant as one leads to another, and it only gets worse with time. Call a plumber who will do pipe replacement, or whatever needs to be done.

A regular plumbing check-up is great and can help prevent a lot of plumbing issues. However. situations like water backing up, no water coming from the taps, mixing of water from a sewer and water lines, odors, leaking pipes, etc can occur almost anytime when you least expect them and need immediate plumbing help. Delaying would only make the problems worse.

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