Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone formed during pregnancy in the placenta. This nurtures the fertilized egg and attached it to the uterine wall. The objective of hormone is only to tell your body frequently produces progesterone. This prevents endometrial uterine padding and protects your pregnancy from the miscarriage or other damage.

HCG levels become double every 72 hours, and it will reach its peak after 8-11 weeks of your pregnancy.

To make sure you’re pregnant or not, the HCG level will check. If the level of HCG is high in Urine, you’re pregnant. Also, the blood test performs by the doctors to confirm the HCG levels.

Well, the level varies from woman to woman. Every woman responds unique to their pregnancy, and all this depends on your HCG level, that how you will react, how your body responds in every position. Even this state’s how many embryos you’re resounding.

Sounds a little boring, right?

Let us make it easier for you.

If you go little technical in empathetic of HCG levels, this quite difficult for you to understand. Being a mother, you just focus on its basics and get to know how much it is important, and what are the things you know about HCG levels.


7 crucial things that you need to know about your HCG levels

A key to knowing you’re pregnant

It is a crucial hormone for a woman. This produced in the placenta after commencement. Most of HCG appraisal performs 11 or 12 days after the embryo enters the uterus. To know the perfect rise of HCG in blood, a blood test also performs by the doctor. Even from an ultrasound after 5-6 weeks conception provides accurate information on numbers.

Focus on its increasing numbers

In your earlier stage of pregnancy, it doesn’t matter if HCG levels decline. When conception befell, and the time goes on and on, but HCG levels not increasing, then there is stress. The low numbers might be stressful. But in a matter of thinking low, you have to think about how to raise its numbers as they likely to have.

Organize your scan

To check the exact amount of HCG level, you must schedule your scan after 6 weeks. In this period, the HCG level more likely to increase up to 6,000 mIU/ml perhaps greater. This is also a period where you can hear the heartbeat of your child. HCG levels are slippery so always check into.

Well, you should nothing to worry, your doctor can plan everything for you. You just do focus on enjoying this beautiful period and take care of your health wisely.


Lookout on numbers

If you’re carrying a test tube Baby or IVF treatment, then don’t go early to check. As you’re using synthetic HCG, it can stay longer in your blood. To calculate its exact low or high rate you can compute on IVF HCG Calculator.

Avoid using online calculators

Most of the online HCG calculators are inaccurate and troubles would-be moms. Testing and consulting with your doctor can be beneficial. Or yes, you can use your doctor to recommend a calculator at home. If you consider a calculator yourself on Google, Sometimes its state doubles and sometimes low. Be careful with your reading, and believe your doctor recommends tips.

Be careful if Ectopic

An ectopic pregnancy is also known as a complicated pregnancy. In this, HCG levels vary from woman to woman and from time to time. If they are in 1-100 you’re in ectopic pregnancy or if they are low, your pregnancy going to end soon. If the HCG levels increase 66% after every 48 hours, an ectopic pregnancy may conceive. Well, the case varies, in some cases, they increase in the initial stage and then fall off.

Don’t worry if you’ve normal numbers

It is one of the best and stress-free pregnancy. You just take it as a golden rule. If you have normal HCG levels nor less or more than it will be safe. But yes. Make sure your doctor confirms it. Don’t believe too much on calculators.

The doctor will perform three blood tests after every 48 hours and scan. Make sure you are in safe hands who have experience in relevant cases.

There are a few more things you have to beware of.

What are the reasons for low HCG levels?

Well, there is nothing to worry about so much if your levels are low than the normal range. Most of the ladies had conceived and deliver healthy babies, even in low HCG levels.

We have also found most women doesn’t aware of HCG in their bodies while pregnant, and that’s a good sign.

However, HCG levels decline because of the following reasons:

• Miscarriage

• Conception time underestimated

• Ectopic pregnancy

• Devastated Ovum

Tips to prevent low HCGs

Low HCG can be complex for ladies, but when you follow your doctor and some careful measures you can easily go with your pregnancy and have a healthy baby in your hands.

• Repeat test of HCGs and schedule your appointment with the doctor

• Do not use products or supplements

• Get your HCG injection

• Eat healthily

• Discuss your doctor first

• Done always accurate testing of HCG

• Listen to your doctor

Final Words

Being a mother is a wonderful experience for any woman in her life. If you’re more likely to enter this stage and worry about medical conditions. So, please take your stress apart. If you’re suffering from a low and high level of HCGs that’s a sign of worry.

Don’t take stress too much of your health condition. Your doctor can assist you in every way where you need to work on and how to care for yourself, and yes, your baby.

The things you have to pass by are your stress and how can I. The purpose of this hormone is only to produce healthy progesterone in the body to make you fit for the entire pregnancy period.

You have to be careful and listen to your doctor carefully in every way. Good luck!

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