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If you are a business owner, then you definitely require the specialized advice and consultation offered by a chartered accountant. A professional in the field of chartered accountancy has the skills and technical knowhow to be a valuable asset for the firm they are tied to. Since the national and global economies are so turbulent lately, business owners have to run a very tight ship. Professional chartered accountants will figure out the most efficient strategies to keep your business going smoothly; and they will also help you to increase your profit margins and keep your bottom lines intact.

Chartered accountants are highly qualified professionals who have to undertake some of the most grueling qualifying examinations in the world. Businesses that employ a chartered accountant have very high expectations from them, and that is why they need to have a lot of knowledge of financing, taxation, and business management. Here are 8 ways in which chartered accountants will help you to keep your business’ bottom lines in perfect condition.

  1. Sound Regulation, Supervision, and References: All chartered accountants are bound to professional associations that maintain a strict system of supervision and regulation. These associations also enforce a stringent code of ethics and professional responsibility. All professional CAs have to maintain full compliance with these requirements. By engaging the services of a chartered accountant, you will be able to access properly structured policies, indemnity insurance, procedures, etc. which will be able to protect your business in the event anything goes wrong. This sort of proper regulation and oversights means that you can trust your business’ CA to enhance your business.
  2. Reliable and Informed Advice and Decision: One thing that you have to realize is that chartered accountancy is an extremely demanding profession. All professionals start their practice only after they have passed a difficult series of qualifying examinations. They have the skills and knowledge required to make reliable and informed decisions. They can use their technical skill, knowledge of finance, and overall expertise to provide you and your business with the very best advice that is available. With the help of their specialized knowhow, you can develop strategies to keep your bottom line fully intact.
  3. Personal and Professional Code of Ethics: Chartered accountants, like doctors and other professionals, are bound to have a personal and professional code of ethics. As most CAs handle the personal and business finances of most business owners, you can expect them to be discreet and totally trustworthy. Professional associations of chartered accountants also have supervisory mechanisms in place that are present just to enforce all of these ethical codes. CAs are morally and professionally bound to put the needs of their client above their own, and they will display integrity, honesty, and sincerity when it comes to enhancing your business.
  4. Decades of Professional Experience: If you take on the services of a well-known firm specializing in chartered accountancy, then you will definitely be able to access the gold mine of experience that these professionals have. You will discover that your chartered accountant has a decade’s worth of experience dealing with clients and companies of all shapes and sizes. Apart from the technical knowledge and skills, experienced professionals have a unique form of insight that they can put to good use. They have an acute sense of awareness and intuition which they can use to keep your bottom lines fully intact.
  5. Complex Tax Planning and Payment: Personal tax returns are complicated enough on their own. Imagine how incredibly complicated it is to file the tax returns of a thriving business. One of the main areas of expertise of a chartered accountant is tax planning and management. The services of a qualified CA will allow your business to file all of your tax returns on time. Also, they will be very well aware of all the loopholes and refunds you can apply for. With the help of their proper tax management and consultancy services, you can focus on accelerating business growth.
  6. Professional Bookkeeping and Auditing: It is very important for companies and businesses to keep detailed and thorough bookkeeping records. To ensure that they are in full legal compliance and their resources are being allocated efficiently, businesses have to maintain very thorough records. A chartered accountant will be able to examine and analyze your expenses and earnings thoroughly and unearth any discrepancies if found. This will help you to double down on frivolous expenses, possible embezzlement, etc. If you suspect some kind of foul play, then a chartered accountant will be able to audit your existing accounts/books for you.
  7. Setting the Right Price: For businesses that are new to the game, it can be a little difficult to figure out the prices at which you should be selling. Although it can seem very basic, you should remember that setting the right selling price for your products is actually instrumental to the growth and progress of your business organization. Figuring out the right price is an extremely complicated process, for which you will need the services of a qualified, licensed, and experienced chartered accountant. By setting the right prices, you can earn huge profits.
  8. Preparing Reports and Strategizing: Chartered accountants aren’t just professionals who will help you from the sidelines. They can and should take on a very active role in the overall management of the business. They can provide valuable input during the development of strategic decisions. Their input will allow you to allocate resources efficiently and come up with a more efficient and effective business strategy. Also, your accountant will be responsible for drawing up the quarterly, half-yearly, and annual financial reports about the state of your business’ growth. These reports are extremely important and can result in investment and more.

So these are the eight ways in which the services of a qualified and licensed chartered accountant can help you to grow your business, bolster profit margins, and keep your venture growing. With the help of the specialized advice, knowledge, and consultation that they offer, you can actually take your business to new heights.

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