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Loaning has been a part of the financial life of every working Filipino, at least once. That is because loans allow people to finance large expenses and pay them later in installments. With loans, a paycheck to paycheck individual can afford to purchase a car, a house, and even start their own business.

However, one of the reasons why there are Filipinos who are not keen on loans is because of the hefty interest rates. Furthermore, it can be a burden to find which loans offer the lowest rates with the best terms. It can be tiresome to check out every bank and financial institution and meet with their loan managers to know what proposal is the best fit. Fortunately, Upfinance offers a solution to ease this burden.

What is Upfinance?

Upfinance is a finance service website based in the Philippines. It collects up-to-date financial loan information from banks and credit institutions to help Filipinos find the best loans according to their needs. Its team of Filipinos have more than five years of in-depth knowledge of the financial sector of the country and are constantly finding the best loan deals.

How can Upfinance help?

Upfinance has made it easy for Filipinos to compare loan offers from different banks and financial institutions. Their user-friendly website allows people to access loan information without having to visit or contact the bank directly. This service removes the uneasiness for loan shoppers because they don’t have to deal with the pressure from loan managers to sign up to loan agreements when they are just inquiring about it. Furthermore, Filipinos can discover new and small financial institutions that provide loans that are a good fit for them.

How to Navigate the Upfinance Website?

The best way to navigate within the Upfinance website is through the navigation bar where you can find the loans and companies. You may have seen a search filter on the homepage that will ask you to input your desired loan amount and loan terms. However, it may not be very helpful since the data is not properly filtered out and the desired loan amount in the search filter is too low. It is still best to use the navigation bar and click “Loans” and select the type of loan you need. You can also search by companies and organizations by clicking “Companies” or simply scrolling down on the homepage.

On the Upfinance homepage, there is also a small “Get A Consultation” Button on the website header. If you scroll down, you will notice that the financial organizations are listed and organized depending on their institution types such as banks, cooperatives, P2P companies, and more. You can find the most popular loan organizations on the topmost part of the finance organization list.

If you scroll further down the homepage of Upfinance, you will see a guide about how to navigate the website. There is also an article about loans in the Philippines in general. Lastly, on the bottom near the website footer is where you can access Upfinance’s latest blog posts.

Who are Upfinance partners?

As a middleman service company, Upfinance had partnered with several financial organizations. Earlier, it was mentioned that financial institutions are organized in Upfinance according to their types of financial institutions. So far, Upfinance is in touch with banks, investment companies, insurance companies, P2P Platforms, pawnshops, cooperatives, and even payday lenders.

For banks, their most notable partners are BDO, BPI, RCBC, Metrobank, Citibank, and Security Bank. As for investment companies, they are in contact with SM Investment Corporation, Bukas, Angel Investment Network, and more. Sunlife, Manulife, and PHILAM life are the investment companies they work with.

In the P2P platform, Upfinance has, Kiva, Rykom, and so on. They are communicating with cooperatives in the Philippines such as Ayala Coop, Paglaum Multipurpose Cooperative, San Jose Koop, and more. For pawnshops that offer loans, they are in touch with several, including Palawan Pawnshop, Villarica, Tambunting, and Cebuana Lhuillier. Lastly, they also provide the loan services of payday lenders like Cashalo, Money Cat, Robocash, and Tala.

These connections allow Upfinance to access the interest rates of each financial institution for their different types of loans. The Upfinance team can easily inquire about loan proposals on your behalf. Furthermore, they can also send out your one loan application to more than 300 partnered loan organizations mentioned earlier. Thus, you will no longer have to contact and apply to each bank for your loans.

How to get advice on the Upfinance service?

Upfinance has a team of financial experts waiting to help Filipinos in finding the right loan for them. You can get a consultation and send an application by clicking the “Get A Consultation” Button. If you want to inquire about their assistance, you can get their email and phone number through their contact page on the website. You also have access to the emails and LinkedIn accounts of the members of the Upfinance team. Just visit “About Us” and then “Our Team” of Upfinance.

How to use the Upfinance calculator?

Once you have selected a loan type or a company you want to get that loan from, you will find a loan calculator in the middle of the webpage. The loan calculator is pretty easy to use and will provide your possible monthly payment, total overpayment, and total loan due. Using the loan information as a guide, you will just supply the details on the calculator.

Indicate your “Loan Amount” and select your desired “Terms”. You can choose whether your terms are daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly before selecting the number of the term duration. In the Interest rate, find the applicable interest rate according to your loan amount and terms. Don’t forget to select whether the interest rate is on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.

Overall, Upfinance has made it easy for Filipino loan seekers because of their extensive database of loan institutions in the country and their straightforward contact methods. They also provide other necessary information about each lending company and the services they offer. Comparing loan rates and computing your monthly loan dues is also effortless. Although Upfinance still needs to improve its search filter and update more blogs and news articles, it is already a functional finance website.

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