Are you looking for your Airtel balance or a simple data usage update?

Whichever it is, there are multiple ways to do it. You can either download the MyAirtel App, which only works on smartphones. Wait for the update message that you only receive after a call or data session or just use an Airtel USSD code.

Today we are going to discuss the old classic, the USSD codes. As in this article, I will share every working Airtel USSD code that ever existed from the 90s to pretty much yesterday.

What is USSD codes?

Anyone born before 2010 will at least have an idea about these codes. If you don’t? Let me enlighten you.

A USSD code stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. These are basically simple random quick codes used to connect with the network mobile operator for particular information. As you type this code and hit the call button, it opens a two-way channel for data exchange. The connection is live and remains open until the exchange is complete.

USSD codes on iphone

There are hundreds of different USSD codes assigned for different purposes. You can use these codes to fetch your balance, your data usage, to check your plans, find your phone number, recharge another mobile, etc. As long as that code is functioning, it can be used 24/7, free of cost. However, each code can fetch only one type of data. Which explains the number of Airtel USSD codes in existence.

So, below is the list of all working Airtel USSD Codes ever created.

1. General Airtel USSD codes

  • Balance Check- *123#
  • Data check- *121#*2
  • Airtel Offer check- *121*1#
  • Airtel Customer Care- 121
  • Airtel Complaint Number-  198
  • Airtel Miscall Alert- *321*800#
  • Airtel Sim Number- *282#
  • Airtel Hello Tune- *678#
  • Airtel Service Menu- *121#
  • Airtel Credit Loan- *141#

2. Airtel Service Menu- *121#

To check your balance, data usage, and get related information press *121# and hit the call button. This will open a list of commands aligned numerically. Now simply type in the number written next to the command and click on send. Wait for a sec and you will receive the requested information.

To see the next page, simply press 0 and send it. Do keep in mind that the list is regularly updated. Some of the 121 shortcodes that you can directly use are-

  • *121*1# – Airtel TT and Internet offers check
  • *121*2# – Airtel all balance check
  • *121*3# – Airtel coupon recharge( Remember old days!)
  • *121*4# – Airtel Balance and Validity check
  • *121*5# – Airtel Flash Services
  • *121*6# – Airtel Digital TV
  • *121*7# – Airtel transaction details Menu
  • *121*8# – Airtel Smart Unlimited calling pack
  • *121*9# – Airtel Mobile number check
  • *121*10# – Airtel Unlimited Pack offer code
  • *121*11# – Airtel Internet Data pack details
  • *121*13# – Airtel Roaming details
  • *121*14# – Airtel Voice and Roaming Packs
  • *121*35# – Airtel Gift TT transfer
  • *121*111# – Airtel 3G service

3. Airtel Credit Loan Menu- *141#

The *141# is a USSD code for accessing a loan menu. This code is extremely useful when you are out of credit and need an immediate recharge. You can use this number by simply typing in the number- *141# and then hit the call. Once the menu arrived, choose the favorable option and hit send.

This USSD code is also used for a totally opposite case. Say one of your friends runs out of balance, you can use this code to share some from your balance. It can also be used to share Internet data balance or SMS balance. In case of a hurry, you can use the shortcodes below for immediate balance and data loan.

  • Airtel Rs.10 TT Loan- *141*10#
  • Airtel 2G/3G/4G data Loan- *141*567#

4. Airtel 123 Codes

The group of 123 Airtel codes is assigned to provide different types of balance details. You can simply call the given codes below to access the required information.

  • *123*1# – Airtel to Airtel Minutes Balance check
  • *123*2# – Airtel Local SMS Balance check
  • *123*3# – Airtel STD SMS Balance check
  • *123*4# – Airtel Dedicated Balance check
  • *123*6# – Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance check
  • *123*8# – Airtel Free STD Minutes Balance check
  • *123*9# – Airtel Mobile Number check
  • *123*10# – Airtel 2G data Balance check
  • *123*11# – Airtel 3G Data Balance check

5. Other Airtel USSD Codes

Well, those were all the important defined Airtel USSD codes that you will most probably use. However, there are also tons of different codes that you can use by calling or messaging. These shortcodes are rarely used and my guess you will never feel their need. Still, here they are-

  • *110*5# – Airtel SMS Activation code
  • *110# – Airtel SMS Deactivation code
  • *321# – Airtel Live Services
  • *325# – Airtel Facebook Services
  • *515# – Twitter Service
  • *566# – Mobile Check-ins, Special offers, and Rewards
  • *567# – Activate/Deactivate GPRS Service
  • *678# – Airtel Hello Tunes Menu
  • *777# – Airtel National SMS Pack
  • *282# – Check Your own Airtel Number
  • *888# – Airtel Miss Call Service Activation

List of non-toll Free Airtel USSD codes

The following USSD codes are not toll-free i.e. if called, charges will apply.

  • 543211 – Airtel Hello Tune Service
  • 543212 – Airtel Live Services
  • 543213 – Airtel Music
  • 543214 – Airtel Background Music
  • 543215 – Airtel Song catcher
  • 543216 – Chat With Friends
  • 543217- Airtel Contest
  • SMS- 121 STOP (to stop any service)
  • SMS- 121 3G (to activate 3G data services)
  • SMS- 1909 START DND (to activate do not disturb service)
  • SMS- 1909 STOP DND (to stop do not disturb services)
  • SMS- 52567 LIVE (to get Live configuration settings)


There you have it folks, all important and non-important Airtel USSD codes that are still active. In case these codes proved useless, remember you always have the MyAirtel app or you can simply contact customer care to fulfill your request. By the way that’s also on this list.

That being said, if you have any kind of suggestion or correction to make, feel free to comment down below. Thanks a lot for reading, Peace Out!

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