Many people use their decking area as a place to sit in the summer months, and the more adventurous types may use this area to host barbeques too. However, there are a wealth of things you could use your decking area for rather than its traditional use. Here are some ideas to help you make the maximum use of your space.

Hot Tub Area

If you have always wanted to get a hot tub but have been unsure of where to put it, then your decking area could be the perfect location. You can have a hot tub placed on existing decking and this will be a fantastic place to sit and enjoy the surroundings of your garden either in the summer or the winter if you are feeling brave enough.

If you want to redesign your decking, you could opt for having it built around a sunken hot tub for a touch of luxury. This will also make the hot tub easier to get in and out of if you think you might struggle with steps. There are plenty of stylish options from companies like Ecoscape UK including greys, browns, and even black. Ecoscape can help advise you on your decking options and they may be a lot more cost-effective than you might think.

Create the perfect ambiance using tea lights or string some fairy lights around your decking area. That way you can use your hot tub at the end of a stressful day whilst enjoying a relaxing glass of wine.

Children’s Play Area

Create a children’s play area by storing their toys outside in rainproof containers. They will enjoy playing outside all year round, and the health benefits are enormous. Build or buy a sandbox for them to play in and this will keep them busy and occupied for hours. Be smart about it and move all messy play to this outside area. This will save you a lot of cleaning and frustration and it means that the kids can enjoy messy play without causing you problems.

Reading Area

Create the perfect reading area by placing a bench around the perimeter of your decking. This will give you somewhere to stretch out with your favorite book on a warm summer’s evening. Use pillows and cushions to create a comfortable nook for you to enjoy this pastime. You could always make your own if you are feeling crafty and then you will know that they will fit to your exact specifications. Building a perimeter bench with storage underneath will give you room to keep your book collection in the summer months so you will always have something to hand that will suit your reading tastes.

Meditation Area

It can be very difficult to find peace and the space to meditate, especially if your home is small or you have a large family. So, why not create an outdoor space on your decking area where you can meditate? Get some large cushions or a bean bag to make sure that you are comfortable and a rug if you think it might be cold, and you have created a meditation area for yourself where you will be less likely to be disturbed than you might be in the house.

If you want to redesign your decking, then one of the options would be to replace the wooden balustrades with glass or plastic panels. That way you will not have wooden posts in your eye line while you are meditating, which could be distracting for you. Being able to benefit from the view in your garden whilst you are meditating will help you feel at one with nature and the environment.

Hobbies Area

Whether your hobby is watercolor painting, knitting or carpentry, finding an area to do this can be challenging. Step outside to your decking and you have found a piece of your property that might not get used a lot for anything else. You can set up your hobby here and have some peace to do what you love the most. You may find it beneficial to fit a canopy over your decking area as this will keep out the wind and rain and it will mean that you can use your space all year round rather than just in the warmer months.

An Extension to Your Home

If you are going to go to the trouble of putting up a canopy to keep out the wind and rain, you could use your decking area as you would a home extension or conservatory. Comfortable sofas or a dining table could transform the area into a living or dining room without you having to go to the expense of extending your indoor area. Well-placed lighting and patio heaters will ensure that your space is usable for all but the coldest months of the year. Al Fresco living does not have to be limited to warmer climates and you will find that the fresh air has a lot of health benefits too.

Think outside the box to make the most of a decking area you can enjoy all year-round.

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