Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, you might have to work from here. But during this period, you might be consuming more bandwidth than usual. This is because you might be video-calling your friends and streaming your favorite movies instead of hanging out. So, you might need good Internet services like Spectrum bundles to fulfill your bandwidth needs. For more information, you call on Spectrum phone number. But sometimes, the speeds can get slow due to several reasons. However, you can fix the speed-related issues in the following ways:

Take a Speed Test

The first step to improve your Internet speeds is to take a speed test. This will allow you to confirm whether you are getting the advertised speeds or not. You can find several websites on the Internet that allow you to take this test for free.

However, it is really important to not rely on a one-speed test. Take several speed tests throughout the day. And use different tools and websites to test your speed. This will allow you to determine your speeds with accuracy. After that, you can change your plan or negotiate with your ISP.

Place Your Router at the Right Place

Sometimes, a wrong spot for your router can become a big hurdle in achieving the desired speeds. Many people set up the router anywhere without considering its ideal location. You’ll never be able to get the advertised speeds if you place your router randomly.

Buy a Wi-Fi analyzer and generate a heat map to find the ideal location for your router. After you have done so, mount your router on the wall at that spot. Also, keep the antennas upwards so that the signals can reach everywhere easily.

See If Your Connection Has Any Data Limits

Go through your Internet plan and see if it has any data limits. Data limits can prevent you from enjoying the advertised speeds at the end of the month. So, if your plan has any data caps, you should expect slower speeds after every 2 weeks or so.

You can negotiate with your ISP to get this issue resolved. Or you can switch to a plan with no data caps. The latter will allow you to enjoy faster speeds all the time.

Reboot Your Router

Sometimes, a slow-functioning router can prevent you from enjoying faster speeds. A router needs a reboot after every few months. So, make sure to reboot your router now and then to enjoy better speeds at home.

Just push the button at the back of the router twice. Reconnect your device with the Wi-Fi and enjoy improved speeds. You can also go to your ISP’s official website to reboot your router.

Keep Electronic Devices Away from Your Router

Electronic devices can slow your Internet speeds as well. This is because the waves from microwave and even your TV can interfere with the signals of your router. So, make sure to keep your router at a distance from the electronic devices at your home.

Use a Wi-Fi analyzer to find the right spot for your router. And don’t mount or place any other electronic device near your router.

Change Router Settings

Suppose that you run a speed test and find out that you are getting the advertised speeds. But you might have several Internet users at home. So, the speeds that you might get on your device might not be desirable.

You can change the router settings to resolve this issue. You can change the settings to get faster speeds on your device. In this way, you can work or stream your favorite content on a device easily.

Set Up a Strong Password

Make sure to set up a strong password for your Wi-Fi. This is because it can prevent others from using your Internet connection and slowing down the speeds. You can also opt for setting up a guest connection for the visitors. This can prevent them from using your Internet connection elsewhere.

Use a Wired Connection

A Wi-Fi setup can allow you to enjoy web surfing and streaming anytime and anywhere. But installing a Wi-Fi connection also means that you won’t be able to enjoy fast speeds everywhere. If you are having speed-related issues, you can use an Ethernet connection instead.

Just connect your device directly with the modem through an Ethernet cable. You’ll notice a significant improvement in your Internet speeds. It will also ensure that your connection remains private. And will prevent hackers from stealing your private information.

Consider Changing the Channel/Band

Sometimes, a particular channel might be too busy or crowded. If you are using the 2.4 GHz band, then you might encounter Internet issues quite frequently. This is because the channels on this band are quite busy and crowded.

So, you can consider switching to a 5 GHz band instead. In this band, the interference is quite low. If a channel is too crowded, change it to enjoy better speeds easily.

Use a Wi-Fi Extender

You might have run a speed test and got to know that you are getting the advertised speeds. But the signals in your room might be particularly weak. You can use a Wi-Fi extender to resolve this issue. A Wi-Fi extender will enable you to enjoy better speeds everywhere inside the house. So, if you are facing this issue, you can buy a reliable Wi-Fi extender to get rid of it.

Buy a New Router

If your router is outdated, you’ll not be able to enjoy fast speeds. Even with a blazing-fast Internet connection, you can’t get good bandwidth if you have an old router. So, buy a new router and modem that are compatible with your Internet connection. You’ll notice an improvement in the Internet speeds after this.

Use an Ad-Blocker

Sometimes, the advertisements and pop-ups can take up significant bandwidth. This, in turn, can slow down your Internet connection. So, use a reliable ad-blocker to get rid of this problem. After that, the speeds on your device will certainly improve.

Use an Antivirus Software

Finally, viruses and scams can significantly affect Internet speeds. So, make sure to download reliable antivirus software to get better speeds.

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