Countless Christians face persecution because of their religion or beliefs. People, as well as communities, have been dealing with violence, conflicts becoming greater, and leading to human rights issues. We fool ourselves into thinking that we live in a world of religious tolerance and liberty, but that’s not the case. Many are suffering physical and emotional abuse, regardless of which part of the world the situation applies. It’s believed that we’re living one of the most serious phases of Christian persecution in history. Perhaps this an exaggeration, but there’s no denying the fact that the Christian community is under attack.

Religious persecution is impacting kids’ lives – this is completely unacceptable

We often fail to see that the most vulnerable members of the Christian Church are children. Stories, even if they do come to light, focus on adults alone. They’re targeted because of their faith, which makes it almost impossible to be a peaceful citizen. Nobody talks about how religious persecution affects youngsters and every aspect of their lives. More exactly, the topic doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. Ill-treatment takes the form of violence, social discrimination, and missed opportunities in the educational setting. It’s the exact opposite of the freedom of religion.

Needless to say, no kid should be exposed to such things and, since they’re the most vulnerable members of society, the youngsters should be protected. It’s necessary to act collectively to put an end to the violence and hate. Most importantly, protect the minors. Monitoring and evaluating the situation is important to establish the extent of the issue, but it’s not enough, unfortunately. Financial and technical support must be made available in countries all over the world. Times have changed and, in spite of this fact, people haven’t become more friendly to free opinion.

What should Christian families be doing to prepare their kids for persecution?

When it comes down to youngsters, it can be helpful to put things into perspective. Kids should read about what Christians have been forced to endure throughout the course of history to understand that religious persecution is as old as time. They need to know that, whenever necessary, they can reach out to Jesus and withstand the challenge. Children are more powerful than they give the impression. The point is that we should never underestimate the value of young people. Telling stories and unlocking some pieces of family heritage can go a long way in terms of helping youngsters grow and respond to difficult times.

Equally important is to build a realistic world view. It’s of paramount importance that children understand what religious persecution is and what it isn’t. Although hostility has violent manifestations most of the time, it’s not always violent. And it’s not always committed by the same type of people. As parents, it’s our responsibility to teach kids the difference between these two aspects. It’s possible to remain positive in a negative world. Youngsters can still enjoy the things that bring them joy and have a normal childhood. Well, almost.

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