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You have to give Title IX cases due regard because their consequences can be long-lasting. Title IX is a federal civil law in the United States that protects students and staff against sexual misconduct.

If the school authorities inform you that they are investigating you under Title IX, you have to find an experienced Title IX advisor in Florida at the earliest.

Before going to the step of finding a Title IX advisor, you have to understand the law and its consequences very well.

What is Title IX law, and what if you face allegations under it?

Title IX law prevents discrimination based on gender by allowing citizens to file complaints or lawsuits for sexual misconduct.

Acts like rape, sexual assault, inappropriate touching, etc. are grounds for sexual misconduct under the law. All federally funded schools and colleges have to take strict action against Title IX cases, or the government will stop the funding.

As a result, if your school receives a Title IX complaint, they will aggressively pursue it. Chances are very high that you will get a suspension or dismissal depending upon the gravity of the sexual misconduct.

Your best shot at winning is having an attorney strategize a defense to help you come clear of allegations.

How to choose a Title IX advisor?

A Title IX advisor has to give you details for the case and help you defend yourself at the in-house hearing.

You can pick almost anyone to be your Title IX advisor. There will be a school advisor to help you with the case. You can either go to them or pick someone that you trust.

But, if you hire an attorney to be your Title IX advisor, there are some added advantages.

  • A lawyer specializing in Title IX cases is more experienced than your family and acquaintance to deal with the case.
  • They also have legal and technical knowledge about the law and its consequences.

Most law firms have online websites displaying areas of service they provide. You can handpick a few firms that deal with Title IX cases and choose one out of them. You can read the online testimonies and enquire about the firm through friends and family before choosing it.

Final Takeaway 

Choosing a Title IX advisor is crucial to winning the case. An attorney is the best person to advise you on how to go ahead with Title IX cases. Since your career and future are at risk, hiring an attorney is the best way forward.

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