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Mini Intro to Arrow season 2 review: Here, I am going to do my review for the second season of Arrow. CW has been doing a pretty good job creating TV shows based around superheroes and their big show today is, of course, Arrow and their second season has finally come to a close and it shows the epic conclusion of course to the Slade vs Oliver conclusion and It’s definitely amazing.

Cast and Role: Arrow Season 2 Review

arrow season 2 review
Stephen Amell As Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow
Katie Cassidy As Laurel Lance/Black Canary
Colin Donnell As Tommy Merlyn, Oliver’s best friend
David Ramsey As John Diggle, Oliver’s bodyguard, partner and confidant.
Willa Holland As Thea Queen/Speedy, Oliver’s Younger Sister
Paul Blackthorne As Detective Lance, Laurel’s father
Susanna Thompson As Moira Queen, Oliver and Thea’s mother
John Barrowman As Malcolm Merlyn, Tommy’s father
Emily Bett Rickards As felicity Smoak, the IT technician at Queen Consolidated.
Colton Haynes As Roy Harper/Arsenal
Manu Bennett Like Slade Wilson / Deathstroke

What do I conclude after watching Arrow- Season 2 (2013-14)?

Arrow Season 2 Review: I’m going to do my review for season 2 of the arrow. So after a very good season 1, season 2 picks up with Oliver Queen making a drastic change during his crusade, primarily not killing people. Furthermore, I also found season 2 to be much more action-packed than season 1 and I also felt it was a huge challenge for our hero. Like both Oliver and Green Arrow, he faced many trials and tribulations. I found it interesting that many people found out his identity and this lead to more drama. I also appreciated the time that John Diggle spent with his ex-wife as well as teaming up with Deadshot on multiple occasions. It shows how honorable John Diggle is and I think he is such a great compliment to Oliver who tends to be a hothead sometimes. But let’s get into the good stuff.

Prime Video: Arrow - Season 2

Slade Wilson’s involvement in everything in season 2 is what made season 2 so enjoyable. They really made the season such a great spectacle to watch. Knowing that Wilson was working with blood from the very beginning and also had his hand in many different affairs and pulling in many strings was just incredible, like watching a movie on the fold every week. Slade’s master plan involves everyone, from Isabel to Moira, and is always one step ahead of Oliver and his team. He is a cold-blooded killer but he was also a mastermind.

Speaking of Moira Queen, it was nice how they dangled our emotional feeling using her character. On the one hand, you hate that woman knowing some of the things and knowing some of the secrets that she keeps but at the same time, you root for her, you pull for her and want her to win the election. Just to come back in here again when you find out more secrets and then to all it all off during her sacrifice for the end of the season when she gave her life to kids, they at the same time couple that with flashbacks of her basically paying all of what Oliver’s girlfriends who were pregnant.

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So now we know that Oliver has a child out there somewhere and I had to be hard-pressed to think that we won’t see that child play a factor at some point in the near future. However, even with all that, her death was still very sad and was a very emotional moment for her kids but also showed her bravery and children even if we all know that at this point in mourners lifetime on the show, a lot of her decisions to lie and keep secrets from her kids to protect them would have been better soon going the other way being honest with them and that’s how she goes down.

Even with all that, Moira’s death still very sad, and seeing Oliver and Thea are there just crying and whimpering as the slate starts to the heart. It was rough to watch but the lesson here is that you shouldn’t lie to your kid, you shouldn’t lie to your family just for the sake of protecting them. They were better off being honest with each other and working together to all the troubles. Hopefully, it’s a lesson to be learned by the remaining Queen family. Arrow season 2 review is positive.

arrow season 2 review

Now moving on from that eventually, Oliver will have teams of up with some undesirables in Nyssa and the League of Assassins. While Ra’s al Ghul whose daughter made an appearance earlier in the season showing to be sad was a lover of the past. She would play a key role in the surveillance of the startling city. Speaking of Sara, it wasn’t a huge surprise to me that it was her in the very early part of the show behind the mask. I sat down and tried to figure out who else it could be.

I knew it wasn’t Laurel and Helena so she is the first person that came to mind. One of the best parts involving Sara though was her revealing to her father that she was alive. It was a very touching and very emotional moment. The actor Paul Blackthorne played it perfectly. Sara’s reveal opened up the world to a whole new set of flashbacks involving Oliver, Slade, Sara, and Shadow. Now we know why Slade Wilson turned out the way it turned out and why he wants vengeance on Oliver.

Now Laurel blames everybody for her downfall. She could not get out of her own way and even though she did have some redeeming qualities towards the end. She did too many things at the beginning of the season that really turned me off and I really didn’t care for much of the season. That doesn’t mean that the actress had a bad effect on the character. The actress is probably doing her job and the problem is supposed to make you feel that way she succeeded.

So now, who is my most progressive character in season 2? I mean, it has to be Thea. She came a long way only to crash at the end and it made her very intrigued because you wonder just what route she would go. She started making sacrifices for other people. Her sacrifices are hurting the chance on Roy’s prime example. Running a club really grows into your own and you really find a place of peace before everything is shattered. Not only with the death of her mother but the revelation of who her father was and it really was a very complex and very powerful journey for Thea that was surrounded by a lot of chaos and a lot of action. Arrow’s season 1 review is also positive.

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I was really invested in her character because of all her growth. From saving Roy and really developing Roy into a better person and helping hand to running out of his club and finding a way to forgive her mother while she was in jail, she really defines a peaceful place. When it was revealed that she was Malcolm Merlyn’s daughter and everything was taken from her, including her mother. It was nice to see her development in the season. I thought it was a great compliment to everything else going on in the show.

arrow season 2 review

Now, with Malcolm Merlyn being her very influence, it will be a matter of time as to whether or not that influence pays off positively or negatively. One thing is for sure he is a teacher at a fight. I think that’s pretty evident and finally, flash season 1 was very fun to watch. Barry Allen being incorporated into the world of the arrow was really really good and like the fact that he was in there. So needless to say that I was very happy with Arrow season 2. It’s really fun to watch going forward and it’s gonna be a lot of fun. Arrow season 2 review is counted as positive.

My opinion: Arrow Season 2 Review

Here on my end. I am expressing my views on the “Arrow Season 2 review”. I watched seasons 1 and 2 in one and a half weeks and I love them so much!! Maybe I will watch it again. What I liked about season 1 was that he killed the people I kinda missed that in season 2 but I think it is better like this because he is more like a hero and not a killer. Good cast, good production, decent directing. Movienasha gave 4.5 out of 5. I highly recommend you to check the show out. I cannot wait for another season. Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke was such a great villain. I liked what they did with the characters and story. Deathstroke is perfect in this show!

The actor is brilliant and the way they handled him from the first season to this season is just the best. Overall Season 2 was awesome. I really enjoyed it. Deathstroke owns!! And yes! Felicity Smoak is smoking Hot! I was pumped up for this season and I loved the fact how they included more villains but maintained a balance to every character and they were all lovable.  I assure you that you will definitely love that season 2. Please share your personal experience with us. Your comments are always welcome!

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