The bathroom may be a seemingly ordinary room, one that is often taken for granted by most homeowners. But when planning one’s home, one must remember to install safety features to every possible accident-prone zone. The bathroom remains towards the top of the accident-prone zone of the house. Therefore bathroom safety is of utmost importance, especially if one has children and senior citizens living in the house. To avoid unnecessary worries and hassles one must plan toward a safe toilet from the beginning. If owns bathroom does not already have these safety features one must look to installing various important bathroom safety features as soon as possible.

Before we go on to discuss various bathroom safety tips to help one build a safe bathroom and a safe toilet one must be aware of the dangers that a bathroom may pose. The various accidents that may occur in the bathroom include falls, fires, poisoning and accidents caused by electrical appliances. To avoid these harmful consequences, one can follow some simple bathroom safety tips.


Bathroom Safety Tips

These are some basic tips for creating a safe bathroom:

These simple steps should ensure a safe bathroom free from falls on slippery surfaces:

  • To avoid injuries caused due to falls in the bathroom one should install grab bars near the bathtub, shower, and toilet. This precaution is even more imperative when one has senior citizens living in the house.
  • In the shower and bathtub one could put non-slip strips to further prevent falls in these wet surfaces. One should also make sure that all bath mats used should have non-slip bottoms.
  • Moreover, one must try to keep the bathroom floors and surfaces clean and dry at all times.

A simple awareness of the products you keep in your bathroom and also help in preventing accidents and creating a safe toilet environment. These steps should ensure a safe bathroom free from health hazards:

  • One should be aware of the bath products one is using and remember to lead the labels for safety instructions and the possible health hazards. Hazardous products should also be kept out of the reach of children.
  • One must remember to label all medicines clearly and correctly to avoid incorrect intake. Also keep medicines, cosmetic products, and cleaning products locked if there are children and infants in the house.

Bathroom fires are also a common cause for bathroom accidents. These may be caused due to cigarette smoking in the toilet or if the homeowners are in the habit of lighting candles in the bathroom.

  • One should remember to blow out the candles before leaving the bathroom like all other rooms.
  • As for smokers, deep ashtrays should be placed, and one should always wet cigarette butts before disposing of them. Safe toilets free form fires can be built by simply being aware, careful and conscientious.

Electricity and water can be a dangerous combination, and extra precautions should be taken.

  • Electrical appliances used in the bathroom such as electric shavers, hair dryers; curling irons should be used and stored in dry areas of the toilet as they may come in the way of creating a perfectly safe bathroom.
  • One should also be careful to switch off and disconnect them after use.
  • Electrical outlets on the toilet should be fitted with special tools to separate electricity and water like a GFCI.

Additional Washroom Safety Tips

Other than home bathrooms care must be taken to make washrooms safe and prevent accidents there as well. There are various simple safety requirements that need to be met with washrooms are to be made safe for all its users. The tiles used in the washroom should be slip resistant, it should very well lit, water supply sources should open and shut automatically to avoid overflowing. Smoke detectors and fire sprinkler systems are also useful washroom safety features to install.

Safe bathrooms and safe toilets are a necessity to create a safe home environment. Thus homemakers should not ignore or avoid bathroom safety tips and instructions.

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