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NBN is the abbreviation for the National Broadband Network being built in Australia, and it already covers millions of people. It is an open-access data network that will eventually cover the entire country. What are the benefits of NBN for small business?

Improved Customer Service

In an increasingly digital world, a strong online presence is essential. If your website is slow to load, potential customers will bounce off the website and go somewhere else. If the website is slow because you’ve included too many images or videos, that’s your fault. If the local internet connection is slow, then you’re losing customers used to websites popping up in just a few seconds. The introduction of NBN gives everyone equal access to the digital marketplace. It makes signing up for social media and uploading files just as fast and easy for everyone. It makes it possible for you to provide better online customer service because they won’t have to wait for how-to videos to load. A fast internet connection combined with customer relationship management systems ensures that your team is working off the latest and greatest information when dealing with clients. It also allows you to connect with them via instant messaging, voice over IP, and even video conferencing. To sign up with NBN plans, visit iSelect to learn about your options.

A Stronger Online Presence

Your business’ digital footprint is now more important than your listings in phone books and flyers, though the traditional methods still have a role to play. The NBN makes it easier to maintain a broad online presence. For example, when you have access to fast broadband and have a reliable connection, you’ll be able to use tools to automate social media posts, send email marketing messages and update business directory information as required

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Enabling Ecommerce

If you have a storefront, it is likely you’re already selling some products online. It may be a shift from an old catalog business, or you may be shipping items to people who ordered it via an email and paid via a credit card provided over the phone. One of the benefits of NBN is that it gives everyone equal access to the high speed, secure data connections needed for eCommerce. You’ll lose customers if their login or payment verification times out due to a slow internet connection to your server. You’ll run into problems if you can’t finish uploading product images and product listings before your own connection times out. Nor do you want to have to babysit file uploads in general.

A Wider Customer Base

One of the benefits of the world wide web for small businesses is that it means you can really sell to the world. You could advertise your products and services to customers around the world. If you don’t want to ship your products around the world, you could write how-to articles and informational articles related to your industry and earn ad revenue on your company blog. Or you could sell branded memorabilia like T-shirts and bumper stickers that build brand loyalty with locals and brand awareness to those abroad

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