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Slots will continue to be the most prevalent games that players play in casinos. People enjoy playing them as they are very simple and have got huge entertainment value. Everyone loves when the reels do fall in place and they get an impressive win. A few lucky players find these wins to be life-changing and huge figures. If you are the person who thinks that every person is capable of winning lots of money on slots, then you must think again. Actually, people win millions and at times, this amount becomes tens of millions. The biggest slot machine wins are:

  • A Winner of Las Vegas – An anonymous woman managed to win $12,769,933 playing slots in Las Vegas. This woman visited a casino located in Aria Resort. She had visited the resort for celebrating the birthday of her niece, and this visit emerged as the luckiest one for her. After she partied and before she shifted to the room, she dropped $6, and then she saw some random numbers that flashed on the screen. After some time, she came to know that she had been successful in hitting the jackpot prize that amounted to nearly $12.8 million.
  • The win of a British soldier – A British soldier did manage to win £13.2 million playing Mega Moolah. This is also considered one of the largest prizes of the online jackpots. The British soldier was named Jon Heywood and he was a twenty-six-year-old soldier. Heywood placed just 25 pence and with this little stake, he returned home with a whopping amount. This young boy was very lucky and he did spend a nice portion of this win for his father’s medical treatment.
  • A win of $11.6 million on a smartphone – D.P. was the lucky winner who won $11.6 while playing on her smartphone. The notable thing is this amount is considered the biggest ever win of a slot on a cell phone.
  • A win of $11.8 million in Las Vegas – Fremont in Las Vegas is reputed for awarding several jackpots to gamblers and among them, Rodolfo T is one. He won $11.8 million while playing Megabucks in the year 2017.
  • A $34.9 million win for a cocktail waitress – A cocktail waitress named Cynthia Jay Brennan did visit Desert Inn Casino after finishing her work in the year 2000. This waitress made up her mind to play slot machines. After Brennan spent an hour in reel spinning, she got out of the casino winning an impressive amount of $34.9 million. It is undoubtedly the happiest and memorable moment for Brennan. However, her fairytale win transformed into dreadful in only six weeks as she became paralyzed after meeting with a severe car crash.
  • A win of $20 million – In the year 1999, an anonymous player did win an impressive amount of $20 million and he bet for just $10 in Caesar’s Palace of Las Vegas.
  • A $24 million win – An anonymous forty-year-old poker player from Sweden bagged $24 million when he played Mega Fortune, and this is most probably the most ideal slot game. Similar to other big winners, this man wagered only a little amount of 25 cents and became the owner of a million-dollar fortune.

And so, it seems a wise decision to play various games, like Bandar Judi Online, and win impressive money.

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